Helen Osborne Storrow was a Boston philanthropist and an active supporter of the Girl Scouts movement.

Mrs. Storrow was also involved in the growth and development of English country dancing in the U.S., acting as a patron to Cecil Sharp, close friend to Lily Conant (nee Roberts), and was President of the American Branch of the English Folk Dance Society from 1916 until her death in 1944. Her property on Long Pond, near Plymouth, MA, named Pine Tree Camp, eventually became Pinewoods Camp, beloved location of the summer camp programs of CDSS, the Folk Arts Center of Boston, Boston Branch of RSCDS, and CDS-Boston Centre.

Read more about the life of Helen Storrow here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helen_Storrow.

There is one correction to note -- the write of the Wikipedia article states:

"In 1915, Helen helped found, and served as director, of the American branch of the English Folk Dance Society, now known as the Country Dance Society, Boston Centre."

The American branch of the EFDS was composed of local branches: New York City, Boston, Pittsburgh, and others. The American branch became a national organization, chose New York City as its headquarters, and was eventually called The Country Dance and Song Society. The Country Dance Society, Boston Centre is a vital, thriving center of dance and is an affiliate of the national organization.

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