Contra dance flyer hand-calligraphed by DavidDavid used to hand draw all the flyers for his 4th, 5th Friday Guiding Star dances. Here's an example of one I kept. The title of my dance "The Calligrapher" is a recognition of this amazing talent that David had!OK, I've been working on this for a while, but when I write a dance it often takes a long time to tweak (years some times). This dance isn't tweaked yet but is based on a dance I saw David call maybe 20 (25?) years ago. The "hook" is a "squeeze balance" (line of four balances in to the middle of the line and out).

I don't remember the name of David's dance, but I called it here in Maine and remember the line of four coming up the hall and the smiles on everyone's faces as they "squeeze balanced" and cast off. Rob Johnston (founder of Johnny's Selected Seeds) was dancing and I remember the s**t eating grin on his face. So, work in progress, here we go:

The Calligrapher

Bill Olson, Duple Improper

A1 Balance in a ring, Sw Neighbor (face across)
A2 Circle L 3/4 Sw partner (face across)
B1 W chain 1/2 way, (face down), Down the hall line of 4 (turn alone)
B2 up the hall, SQUEEZE balance, 2's arch, 1's duck under to meet new neighbors.

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