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By Request: Dances for Volume 7 - Bare Necessities English Country Dance Collection (Book)

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A CDSS Publication

Helene Cornelius & Francis Attanasio

A companion booklet to the CDS Boston English Dance Collection CD series by Bare Necessities, this edition, By Request: Dances for Volume 7, was created by soliciting suggestions from the community (as did Volume 9: Strong Roots). Preference was given to requests by dance leaders who depend on recordings and who are, in fact, the target audience for the entire series. We feel the final selection creates a program balanced in style, key, mood, and tempo. Compositions run from 1710 to 2001, and while the majority of them are from the 18th century, new dances are making their way into the repertoire and, more importantly, being sought out by the community. 

Dances Include:

Jaque Latin
Red and All Red
Dover Pier
Gypsy Round
Albany Assembly
In the Fields of Frost and Snow
When Laura Smiles
Perpetual Motion
Cupid's Garden
Midnight Ramble
Gigue for Genny (Greenholm)
The Collier's Daughter
Ramsgate Assembly
Ore Boggy
Mrs. Savage's Whim

Helene Cornelius & Francis Attanasio/Country Dance and Song Society
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