While so many of us are mourning the temporary loss of our favorite dance and song events, for thousands of callers, musicians, singers, and sound technicians, the cancelling of these events has resulted in a significant loss of work and income. We believe that our community is one of the best in the world at supporting its members; now is the time to lift each other up!

Let’s show these talented folks our love! Click on a link below to send some kindness, business, or funds to the callers, musicians, singers, and sound technicians who make our lives so sweet. And check out our growing calendar of online events!

(In case you’re wondering, we did look into the possibility of establishing a charitable relief fund, but the IRS would require that we implement needs assessments and maintain a lot of records, which would ultimately result in restrictions and limitations on the funds. By connecting donors directly to artists, we are able to reduce additional administrative burden on the artists, foster strong community connections, and keep the IRS happy! Plus, donating directly to an artist will get funds to them much faster!)

Freelancers are listed below in random order for fairness's sake.

Beth-MolaroBeth Molaro

I have a GoFundMe set up.
Also PayPal is good: beth@spiralwayhealingarts.com

I have been calling contra dances across the country for nearly three decades. It has been one of my greatest passions in life and a large part of my livelihood.

It is hard to believe that all of our events are canceled into the future. Your support means so much to all of us. Thank you!
I look forward to getting back to the dance floor with ya'll when this is over. Be well.

Deborah DenenfeldDeborah Denenfeld - Dancing Well: The Soldier Project

Caller; Other
Click on Donate on website or send check to Dancing Well
1355 Bardstown Rd, #134
Louisville, KY 40204

We provide life-changing dance to veterans with PTSD and to their families. We use live music and a professional caller - me. I'm contract labor, so really hit hard when we can't dance. I'm organizing live stream dance for kids and regular phone calls to isolated veterans.
REALLY APPRECIATE anything you can offer!

Jan ElliottJan Elliott

Musician/singer; Other
Checks welcome:
P.O. Box 598
Woods Hole, MA 02543

Thanks to any and all donors to this worthy effort. While my income from teaching, coaching and performing has nearly dried up, I'm helping other musicians as much as possible, and would be very grateful to receive some support at this difficult time. Stay safe, everyone, and thank you CDSS! (Tough to choose between a concertina pic and a recorder pic, so I chose the one in color. Photo by Dorene Sykes.)

Laurie FisherKatie Martucci

Bandcamp 1 Bandcamp 2

Buy merch from my Bandcamp pages, or Venmo me at @katie-martucci

I am so grateful for the awareness communities like CDSS have shown for performing artists during the pandemic. I am very heartened by the ways in which we are learning to lift each other up. If you'd like to join my mailing list to receive new music I write during the pandemic, please email me at katharine.a.martucci@gmail.com.
Hope you are all healthy and happy

Sara BanleighSara Banleigh

Venmo: Sara-Banleigh
PayPal: sara@sarabanleigh.com
Paper checks: Sara Banleigh, 174 West 4th St., #222, NY, NY, 10014

To offer financial assistance, you can also purchase my music on Bandcamp.com! There are two albums of original folk and country music, as well as piano-based arrangements of old folk songs.
The audio quality is superior and you can download in the audio format you prefer:


Thank you for supporting freelance musicians! The CDSS community is such a wonderful and generous community to be a part of. Some of my most fun and happiest times have been spent playing ECD music for dancers, studying with my ECD mentors, sitting in with contra bands, and of course, dancing!

I will be posting videos of me playing some of my favorite ECD, Contra, Irish, and Scottish tunes on my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages. Follow me to listen!

Deirdre MurthaDeirdre Murtha

Musician/singer; Other
25 Benedict Street
Norwalk, CT 06850
Venmo: deirdre-murtha

Thanks to CDSS for thinking of us freelancers! As an Irish musician, St. Patrick’s Day season was a financial washout. More importantly, I work each day as a freelance preschool music, dance, and theater teacher, in eight schools and two libraries. Only one has offered to pay me - for two weeks. Any amount you can contribute to the cause of future singers, dancers, and thespians, I would greatly appreciate (and my family would, too). Thank you! We’re in this together!

jaige trudel adam broomeJaige Trudel and Adam Broome

1802 Chemin May
Coaticook, QC J1A2S4

We have numerous recordings, all available through the CDSS store, as well as digital downloads online:
Crowfoot Music

Anyone who has listened to our music will have heard many of our original tunes. Tune commissions are available! Commissioning a tune not only supports us and honours members of our community, but it adds to the web of repertoire that countless people will enjoy over time.

PayPal - maivishfolk@gmail.com

Our household derives its income solely from freelance music and teaching. We genuinely wish to continue contributing what we can, musically and otherwise, to our community during this challenging time and we sincerely appreciate the reciprocal support. We are so grateful to be a part of this beautiful network!

Our heartfelt thanks to CDSS for creating this supportive platform.

Be well friends!

Atwater DonnellyAtwater-Donnelly

Caller; Musician/singer
Aubrey Atwater
20 Campbell St
Warren, RI 02885
PayPal - AubreyFolk@aol.com

Aubrey and I are extremely thankful that CDSS is thinking about us and other full-time touring musicians, callers and tech folks. We love our community! At this moment we have no plans to live stream any concerts, but lots of our work is already on line at YouTube and other sources and we are very happy to share whatever we have to those who want it.

David RiversDavid Rivers


Venmo: @DavidIsaacRivers

Thank you so much! I have been so incredibly blessed and enriched by the PNW Contra Dance Community, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for any assistance whatsoever in these times of financial and social turmoil!

Befriend me on Facebook! I and my musical partner-in-crime, Kate Powers are planning on hosting a couple live streaming shows in the in the following months! Befriend me for more info!

Cathy Mason


This is a wonderful idea. I'm still kind of in shock as every gig between mid-March and the end of May is now gone. I will soon be posting a tune for Passim School of Music's Keep Your Distance Fest. Check it out.

EmmaLee Holmes HicksEmmaLee Holmes-Hicks

81 Sycamore Street
Providence, RI 02909

Venmo @EmmaLee-Holmes-Hicks
Check made out to EmmaLee Holmes-Hicks and sent to home address

Live streamed concerts - go to Facebook to listen.
Other than this and a little bit of online teaching, I have lost all my work at least through April and part of May as a violin/fiddle performer and teacher. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

jamie plattJamie Platt

Sound tech

Send contributions to the artists who need them more than I do. However, once this nightmare is over, I would appreciate opportunities to work.

Thanks to all the dancers, organizers, and the artists who help make all this happen.

Celia Ramsay

Caller; Musician/singer; Other

No need to send me money, but your purchase of my CDs, or support by listening to my music on any of the streaming services will make me feel supported! I love you and miss seeing you in-person at dances, harmony singing workshops, and concerts!

Rachel BellRachel Bell

"Virtual tip jar" and CDs for sale here

It is heartbreaking not to be out there playing music and seeing all of you. I miss you all so much already. But it has been a profound experience to feel the community rallying around us with concern about all our lost gigs. I feel so grateful to be part of this big music and dance family. Keep an eye on my website & facebook page for upcoming online events and hopefully even a tune book soon! Every day I dream about what it's going to be like when we can get back to dancing. Much love to all!

Reid MillerReid Miller

Caller; Musician/singer; Sound tech
703 Carroll Ave,
Ames, IA 50010

PayPal using reidmillershow@gmail.com, Square using reidlm49@yahoo.com, or check. Please call 608-852-4524 with questions.

I appreciate your support. Thank you!

becky tracy keith murphyBecky Tracy and Keith Murphy

104 Washington St.
Brattleboro, VT 05301

First and foremost, consider buying our music. (Our new duo CD, Golden, available on blackislemusic.com and digital downloads on bandcamp.) We also plan to have a donate button ready for a streaming concert soon. If your concern and dedication exceed these parameters, we can receive donations through PayPal using flyingtent@icloud.com

We've been part of this community for over 25 years - playing for dancing, singing for people, teaching kids and adults. It's deeply gratifying to think of all the people we've met over those years, some of whom we've known since we started. Thanks for thinking of us in these turbulent times. We hope we can continue to share our music with you. Please join our email list at our website for updates on upcoming streaming events, videos and online teaching.

Julie VallimontJulie Vallimont

Musician/singer; Sound tech
Via the store on my website, or PayPal (Julievallimont@gmail.com)

I am so grateful to the community for all the joy in the good times, and the support in the difficult times.
I am starting a podcast of music and words of support, look out for it!
Videos of some of my crankies are available on YouTube.

StringraysStringrays (Rodney Miller, Sam Bartlett, Max Newman, Stuart Kenney, Mark "Pokey" Hellenberg)

7 Silloway St., Apt 2
Boston, MA 02124

PayPal to stringraysmusic@gmail.com or check addressed to "Stringrays c/o Max Newman."

We are so grateful to our community for being there for us. This is just about the toughest challenge live music -- and especially dance music -- has ever faced. It's going to be a struggle. Thank you for being here for us. We're here with you, too.

Don't lose the love of music and dance! We encourage you all to take time every day to listen to some music and dance around the living room. You can buy or stream our music off our website or at BandCamp.

The Rays

Liz & Dan FaiellaLiz and Dan Faiella

Website Patreon
We would be delighted if you'd consider buying an album or two, or signing up for Liz's "Fiddle Tune Kit" Patreon page, to keep the music going, wherever you are!

Audrey Knuth

PayPal: audreylk24@gmail.com

I feel an overwhelming amount of support from the community, which makes me even more appreciative and grateful for the life I live. Be safe and healthy and I can't wait to play for you again.

I'll be posting links to live concerts, teaching info, etc. on my website as well as on Facebook.

Thank you.

peter mary alice amidonPeter & Mary Alice Amidon

Caller; Musician/singer; Other
Amidon Choral Music Amidon Music Dancing Masters
20 Willow Street, Brattleboro VT 05301

CDSS is a big part of why we are what we are. Stay safe and sane. We offer online SATB choral sheet music download store (many sheet music downloads are free) & books of Amidon choral arrangements, books/CDs/DVDs of dance materials for children. and communities.

Frederick ParkFrederick Park

Caller; Musician/singer; Other

This is a link directly to PayPal, should you choose to support the ongoing work of a life-long dance presenter, teacher, historian and storyteller.

Please let me know if you'd like to gather 'round the internet for a private evening of old world storytelling, including dance related history!

I'm looking to "give back," as I have my entire life. When it's all said and done, we're a healthy nation, let's set up a dance benefit for your community!

At the end of each month I'm hosting an on-line evening of storytelling. I've also been preparing a small collection of my favorite, rare short stories to read to you all. Please send me a note via email if you'd like to be notified or included in the link to End of the Month Stories!

I'm so grateful for you all, my extended family of those who hold the folk arts close to the heart. This is my life - music, dance, story, theater and education. Much love to all,


Noah-VanNorstrandNoah VanNorstrand

PayPal: noah.vannorstrand@gmail.com
Venmo: @Noah-VanNorstrand

Hi friends. Thanks for your support! I've been making music (often with my brother Andrew) for the past twenty years or so. We've put out a whole bunch of albums on our label Great Bear Records and recently published a tune book as well. You can find our music on Bandcamp, CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, etc. Search for...


Evie LadinEvie Ladin

Caller Musician/singer

As all touring work has been canceled for several months, including all our local dances and jam sessions (major source of community!), we appreciate any support. We are offering ongoing Sunday Salon concerts at 6pm PST on Facebook - and both Body Music and Clawhammer Banjo private and group lessons. The online classes, though never as good as in person, have been incredible places to gather and feel community in action. Thanks for your support!

Aaron MarcusAaron Marcus


weogo reedWeogo Reed

Sound tech
PayPal, through listed e-mail address

Thank you everybody, in particular CDSS for this platform!
Weogo's TwoFati microphone is in production as we speak ~ ask for details!
I started mixing audio for dances in 1990, and started the TradSound listserve in 1998.
In the wider Asheville, NC area I'm available for audio installations and repairs, live streaming your small or large event with high quality audio, and
nationally for audio consulting and education for your venue, event or band.
Good health to us all!

Matthew Olwell


PayPal is best. Good old fashioned checks also fine! Please email me if interested in making a donation. My music is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, etc. Bandcamp is best, as a greater portion of the sale goes direct to the artist.

Hi folks! I am SO grateful to my community for how they have mobilized in recent weeks. I know a lot of people out there are asking for your support and I certainly understand that it's limited. My thanks in advance for any way that you can support, whether it's buying music or reposting links. Like so many others, I am going to take quite a financial hit this year, so every little bit helps. YOU rock and we music-makers appreciate your support so very very much, so THANK YOU!

Owen Morrison and babyOwen Morrison


I am available to teach virtual guitar lessons - contact me if you'd like to give it a try. I'm also always looking for ways to get my music to more sets of ears. Consider buying some of my CDs or putting them in the soundtrack of your next blockbuster movie. I will probably not have any performance income for most of this year, but I'm not the only bread winner in the family. If you want to give money directly, please do so to those who have no other means of supporting themselves.

I would be incredibly grateful if you can buy any of my recordings, for yourself or as gifts for your friends. Download from where ever you buy music or order from my website. Albums include a collection of original waltzes, three CD's from Elixir, two from the Morrison Brothers Band, and one each from Night Watch and House Red. Give them to everyone you know if you want! I want to thank CDSS for creating this platform to help many of the wonderful people who contribute to our community and are so negatively affected by the current crises.

Liz Donaldson

PayPal as a friend

Any help provided would be most welcome. Thanks so much

armand arominArmand Aromin

Musician/singer; Other
PayPal - thevoxhunters@gmail.com

Like many other artists and performers, we rely on our various gigs to make our living. Any contribution you could give to help make up for this huge loss of income would be graciously accepted. We want to continue to make music with and for you, and we look forward to being back in the thick of it!

Please follow The Vox Hunters on Facebook to see when we will be live-streaming performances, and also on Instagram because we love our greyhound and we need an outlet for his doofy face.


chrissy fowlerChrissy Fowler

Caller; Other
Belfast, Maine

I'm grateful to CDSS for drawing our collective attention to the ways that this crisis affects various individuals in our dance, music, and song communities. As a single parent whose primary income relies on dance leadership, I'm curious about what changes I'll make in the coming months. Like others, I trust in resilience and ingenuity. As a longtime organizer, I'm aware of the vulnerability of volunteer-run organizations, especially those whose finances have little or no margin. I'm also aware that those of us in the CDSS network are especially fortunate---we have strong social networks and we know how to take care of each other. Too many people in our towns, states, regions, and nations do not. I hope we all reach out to support our local communities in every way we are able.

Ellie GraceEllie Grace

Musician/singer; Other
Venmo: Ellie-Grace-2
PayPal: elliegracearts@gmail.com

I recognize more than ever what a gift it is to make my life and living through music and dance shared in community, even though I am facing great financial loss right now. I have just the music to see you through these hard times: I very recently released an album of original songs of hope and heartbreak, resistance and rising, love and loss. I would thrilled to share this new music with my CDSS family (details for all recordings on my website) and would gratefully receive any donations.

Jeremiah McLaneJeremiah McLane


CDSS has always stood out as an organization committed to helping dance callers, musicians, sound engineers, and others with related careers chart their way forward. This time, unlike any other, is when leadership by CDSS should be held out as an example to other Arts organizations: support artists in times like these, we need them more than ever!

kate barnesKate Barnes

10 Myrtle Street
Greenfield, MA 01301

PayPal to peter@canispublishing.com, or to my address.

What an amazing community this is! Thanks to CDSS and you all.
I am not desperate (yet?) so you might want to consider some other folks also.

joe seamonsJoe Seamons


Learn about the lessons I am creating for people to learn about American history and issues of racism through the stories of roots music: The Rhapsody Project

Thank you so much for your consideration!

benjamin fossBenjamin Foss

PayPal: fossstringedinstruments@gmail.com
Check to: Benjamin Foss, 24 Moosehead Trail Hwy, Brooks ME 04921

Thank you dancers and lovers of music for your support! I’m looking forward to being back to playing for you as soon as possible, and bringing some of this energy to the dance floor: YouTube

Dugan MurphyDugan Murphy


In this Time of the Virus, I am offering online classes in contra dance calling to make of for the lost work of calling dances myself. I have an introductory class for contra dancers with no experience with calling as well as upskilling classes for active callers with a little or lots of experience.

The full listing and online registration is available here.

Please especially consider financially supporting any of the full-time artists listed in this directory!

George Paul


Please buy my cd’s and spread the music.
I also accept commissions to write waltzes!
Contact me through my website.
Thank you and love to all!

Bethany Waickman

PayPal to rae_rae_racer@hotmail.com

Witnessed some extreme generosity from the dance community around all the cancellations. It's so appreciated during what will be a trying couple of months. We will dance again!

Suzannah Park

PayPal or Venmo: @zannahpark
Listen and buy my music at Bandcamp

Hey fabulous CDSS friends and family,

Thanks for your support here and I hope we all stay well. I know we've got lots of great music to dance to in our kitchens.

I've moved my private voice lessons online and have CDs for sale via Bandcamp. I hope to have all my choirs and workshops up and running again as soon as we can. Thanks for helping us along.

Glen LoperGlen Loper

Musician/singer; Sound tech
PayPal: glenloper@gmail.com

Hey all. The cartilage in my knees is relieved to get a break from the incessant stomping I do while playing dances, but the rest of me misses it . I hope you all are weathering this well. I am taking students for mandolin and tenor banjo via Skype/Face Time/Zoom if you have free time on your hands, and I'd thankfully accept any donations via check or PayPal. I also have a CD with Riptide, and another with Frigate. Looking forward to steaming up a dance hall as soon as possible!

Alex Sturbaum


You can purchase one of Alex's albums, or fund the Kickstarter for Alex's next album.

Thank you all so much for your support!

Andrew-VanNorstrandAndrew VanNorstrand

3018 Gulf Road
Manlius, NY 13104
PayPal: andrewvannorstrand@gmail.com
Venmo: @Andrew-VanNorstrand-1

Thank you friends for your support in these strange times!

I've been making music (often with my brother Noah) for about twenty years. We've released a bunch of albums on our label Great Bear Records and have recently published a tune book as well. You can find our music on Bandcamp, CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, etc. Look for...

and my new solo album!

Cheryl SchrueferCheryl Schruefer


PayPal, Venmo

Thanks for the support. When it's all done. We shall work and promise to help those that are still suffering.

hannah naimanHannah Shira Naiman

Caller; Musician/singer

Either by purchasing albums (music page), or by clicking on the donate button (home page).

anna pattonAnna Patton

PayPal: apatton@marlboro.edu
Venmo: Anna-Patton-6

Thank you so much for supporting freelance musicians!

Some ways you can support me:

  • Buy a copy of my solo CD "Isadore's Breakfast"
  • Hire or recommend me as an online music teacher in:
    • Ear Training
    • Music Theory
    • Composition
    • Finding Vocal Harmonies by Ear
    • Finding Chords by Ear (Ukulele, or any chordal instrument you already play)
  • Commission me to write a tune or song.
  • Hire me to do some audio editing (I use Pro Tools.)
  • Let me know you'd like to be on my mailing list by emailing me. I will be scheming more ways to make music for people in my home and would love to keep you up to date.

Thanks again, and be well. My music and dance community is very much on my mind and in my heart these days.

Charles AbellCharles Abell

Caller; Musician/singer

Crowdfunding campaign for forthcoming CD
Thanks for considering supporting our campaign - CD is going to be amazing!

Daron DouglasDaron Douglas

4660 Music Street
New Orleans LA 70122

PayPal to daron@musicstreetstudios.com

Well, Mardi Gras was a long time ago!

Merchandise I have available:
CDs of waltzes/more waltzes/ballads/ Foxfire/Goldcrest
And handwoven rugs and backpacks

Here’s to smiles, health, our fine community, and much music and dance to come.

Gus VoorheesGus Voorhees

Musician/singer; Sound tech; Other
Venmo: Gus-Voorhees

Very grateful for any help people can spare. I have a self published art book celebrating ritual dance's place in marking the year available for purchase and can make prints of photos seen on my portfolio page. I also can give melodeon, fiddle, general english/northern euro music lessons, or consult on social media and streaming.

Kate-PowersKate Powers

My Venmo handle is @katepowersmusic
Or make out a check to Kate Powers and address it to 443 Dungeness Mdws, Sequim WA, 98382

Thank you so much for supporting live music and performers! I love how we've all stepped up as a community to support each other.

Everest WitmanEverest Witman


I encourage you to pick up any of Nova's albums on our website. I also offer private guitar lessons! Just shoot me an email if you have any interest.

If you are able, I encourage you to send some love to everyone and anyone on this list. Musicians, who normally count on income from gigs to survive, need our support in these difficult times.

A big thank you to CDSS for providing this platform!

Bruce-RandallBruce Randall

Musician/singer; Other

Many Thanks and Big Hugs to anyone who can help in this time of trouble.

Laurie FisherLaurie Fisher

Caller; Musician/singer
28 Tranquil Trail
Swannanoa, NC 28778

"All the ills of mankind,
All the tragic misfortunes that fill the history books,
All the political blunders
All the failures of the great leaders,
Have arisen merely from a lack of skill in dancing."

Moliere 1622-1673

Peter-MacfarlanePeter Macfarlane

Musician/singer; Sound tech
1379 Mountain Rd
Vergennes, VT 05491

We (Atlantic Crossing of Vermont) still have food on the table for now, so are not yet in dire need, despite cancellation of all gigs for the foreseeable future. But if you're looking for a way to help out, buying our CDs, would certainly be one way to achieve this. You'll find that some have recently been reduced in price! See the Recordings and Contact pages on our website. Many thanks.

Many thanks to all who care that the arts will still be around when we emerge from all of this. Stay safe, one and all.

brendan taaffeBrendan Taaffe

BrendanTaaffe.com Bandcamp Turtle Dove Harmony
PayPal: info@brendantaaffe.com

Thank to you everyone for the support in this challenging time. If you'd like to buy licenses for my choral compositions (there will come a time when we sing together again!), you can do that at turtledoveharmony.org. Stay healthy, stay connected, and we'll all be together on the other side of this.

Eric McDonaldEric McDonald

PayPal to mandolinenator@gmail.com
Venmo @Eric-McDonald-10

Eric McDonald Music
Eric McDonald Bandcamp
Kalos Band Bandcamp
Cantrip Bandcamp

Thank you all for your critical support. I, like all musicians, am in the process of navigating these changing waters. This has taken the breath from us, and you are helping us to find it again. Thank you!

Follow facebook for an upcoming concert stream featuring the music of Tony Cuffe!

Jacqueline SchwabJacqueline Schwab

Caller; Musician/singer
PO Box 745
Chatham, MA 02633
PayPal: jaspianist@gmail.com

Many thanks to all who have danced to my playing with Bare Necessities and others, invited me into their homes and attended my concerts over the years! I’ve been rewarded by your friendship but have not amassed a nest egg for hard times. This year, I’ve spent my spare cash on an upcoming solo CD of my “I Lift My Lamp—Vintage Songs and Dances of Immigrant America” program. I look forward to sharing it with you in on-line concerts soon. See my Jacqueline Schwab FB performer page or e-mail me.

Edward-HoweEdward E Howe

Musician/singer; Sound tech
122 Hilton Rd
Whitefield, ME 04353

By direct donation

Thanks to cdss. This is such a needed list. All the love to everyone who is affected. Keep us in mind for future gigs as and when things blow over. Keeping the sound gear up to date, clean and in working order ready for when or if this blows over. Love to all! We are here for our community! Whatever happens i will always remember the gratitude and love throughout...
May the magic and perpetual energy abound.

Stephanie-VoncannonStephanie Marie Voncannon

Concord, NC
PayPal: nc_southernbelle@windstream.net

The contra dance community has already given me so much over the years. I hope to be able to give back. Thank you all!

Cedar Stanistreet

130 Belmont Ave, Brattleboro, VT 05301

PayPal me directly, or buy the Nor'easter album at Bandcamp.

Thanks for any little bit of support, and hopefully we will be contradancing again before long! I've put all of my musical efforts into dances recently, so sadly I don't even have a new album out to share.

Rodney MillerRodney Miller

Checks to:
Rodney Miller
189 Argentina Flag Way
Sonoma, Ca 95476

This all seems just too weird, covid-19 affecting music and dance so directly. I have been a contrubuting part of CDSS and the music and dance community since I was a teenager. My humble thanks for many years of rewarding interactions that have enriched my life so much.

Chrissy-Davis-CampChrissy Davis-Camp

307 Big Springs Rd
Bell Buckle, TN 37020

Use home address

Thank you for your support and encouragement! Thanks to CDSS for setting up this system to help.



1. You can become our patron! This is the most enduring way to show your support, and gives you behind-the-scenes access to our lives as musicians, and exclusive downloads of our newest songs.

2. Check out our online store, and buy a CD or two, download sheet music of our arrangements, or get a t-shirt! Give one to a friend--they are sure to love it!

3. You can donate directly to us by PayPal or Venmo: adancingfool@gmail.com

You can watch our first livestream here, and thank you so much!!

Dereck KalishDereck Kalish

Caller; Sound tech
PayPal: dkboston@gmail.com
Venmo: @Dereck Kalish

Hi All! Missing everyone during this time, these dances mean so much to us and together we are a great community! While I am very involved in weekly dances and festivals, this income is not my primary source, but it is helpful. I use my own funds for high quality sound gear and the upkeep, any little bit of support is appreciated.

Please consider supporting full-time musicians first!
Thank you!...and thank you to CDSS for the support!
Can't wait to see you all dancing again soon!

Linda BlockLinda Block


Any contributions can be made to PayPal using my email LBlockhead@yahoo.com. Indicating payment from"friend or family" eliminates additional fees.

Before the virus, I was teaching 3 clogging/flatfoot classes at 3 different levels. I was offering my first weekend workshop in Asheville April 17-19 which will most likely be cancelled and I'm scheduled to teach a weekend in Floyd, VA June 26-28. Floyd won't invest time in marketing until closer to the date, which makes sense since we don't know if it can happen. I've also had to cancel the classes that I offer through Airbnb experiences and lost 3 students Friday. I've lost >50% monthly income.

Sally Rogers

P.O. Box 285
Pomfret Center,CT 06259

Either PayPal or Venmo (sally@sallyrogers.com)

Keep an eye on my website and add your address to my email list to hear about upcoming live-streamed rehearsals. Help me decide which songs to include on my next recording! And thanks for your support!!!

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