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Stories and Games for Little Campers (2-3) – Sarah Nicholson

Gentle playtime with Sarah will keep our youngest campers busy and happy!

Songs and Games (4-5) – Zara Bode

Zara will sing and play with these lucky campers.

Ogontz Adventures (6-7) – Fynn Crooks

You never know what fun Fynn will have up her sleeves!

Longsword (8-9) – Lily Kruskal Leahy

Music by: Dave Langford: Lily will teach this fun ritual dance and get the 8-9s ready for their role in the Mummers’s play all to some fabulous fiddling.

Jest Dance! (10-12) – Steve Zakon-Anderson, Roger Reed

Steve will get the 10-12s ready to dance well at the Evening Dance. Jest about anything goes when Steve and Roger get together!

English Country: For the Joy of Dancing (13 & up) – Brad Foster

Music by: Rachel Bell, Karen Axelrod: When Brad was a teenager, his first dance teacher taught him the joy of dance, a lesson he'll never forget. He'll share that joy with you through a mixture from old favorites to new dances, and from easy dances to moderate challenges. Most of the dances will be in the modern historical ("Playford") style, with an occasional traditional dance for variety. The class is designed with something to learn for people with all levels of dance experience.

Beginning Swing & More (13 & up) – Ellie Grace

Music by: Peter Davis: Ellie will teach some great partnering skills and fun moves each morning to Peter’s fantastic tunes.


Making Music (2-3) – Rachel Bell

Rachel will bring her years as a professional music teacher to our littlest music makers.

Moving and Grooving (4-5) – Fynn Crooks

Moving and grooving, dancing and singing and having a wonderful, playful time together.

Making Time (6-7) – Bettie Zakon-Anderson

Crafting, songs, and stories.

Jest Fun (8-9) – Roger Reed

 These lucky kids will spend an hour each day learning and practicing some new tricks, jest for the fun of it.

Morris Dance (10-12) – Lily Kruskal Leahy

Music by: Karen Axelrod: Leaping and jumping and clashing and fun with Lily & Karen.

American Dance (13 & up) – Steve Zakon-Anderson

Music by: Dave Langford, Peter Davis: We will explore the varied shapes of American dancing. There will be many contra dances, as well as some squares, circles, triplets, etc.) and a sampling of choreography from many different eras. Most of all we will have fun together dancing to wonderful music played by Dave and Peter!

Appalachian Clog (13 & up) – Ellie Grace

Music by: Leela Grace: We’ll learn some great foot percussion with Ellie & Leela. We’ll also team up and learn some really fun group routines. Sure to be a flat-footing good time for all!

Shape Note Singing (13 & up) – Stefan Amidon

Experience the untamed beauty of a shape note sing. We will go through the shapes and basic layout of a sing for newcomers and then sing your favorites from The Sacred Harp as well as more recent compositions written in the shape note tradition. Everyone is invited to call a song, stand up to lead, and sing to your heart’s content.


Quiet Storytime (8 & younger w/parent) – Lily Kruskal Leahy

Bring your favorite storybooks from home and Lily will share some of her favorites too. This will be a quiet and relaxing hour for families with younger campers - not quite a nap, but a chance to refresh, recharge and snuggle your little ones while Lily reads.

Community Art (All ages, under 8 w/parent) – Bettie Zakon-Anderson

Fibers, papers, paints and recycled fun. We’ll work on a variety of fun projects each day.

Family Band (8 & up, younger if passionate w/parent) – Rachel Bell

Rachel will get us ready to play for the Community Dance each night. All abilities and instruments welcome! Get ready - you have a gig Monday night!

Swing Dance Party (All ages, under 10 w/parent)

Music by: Zara Bode, Peter Davis, Dave Langford, Stefan Amidon: Ogontz Hall will be swingin’ with this amazing band! This is a chance to dance to, or just kick back and enjoy, some great singing and fabulous music after lunch.


Teen Class (13-19) – Ellie Grace, Leela Grace

Ellie returns and brings her big sister Leela for some teen time fun!

Country Harmonies (20 & up) – Zara Bode, Stefan Amidon

A chance to harmonize on the Sutherland front porch. Zara and Stefan return with their popular offerings of beautiful harmonies and heartfelt solo moments.


Mummers (8 & up) – Paddy Swanson

The artistic director of Revels will lead us in the creation of another spectacular mummers play. Join the troupe and play your part!

Harmony Singing by Ear (13 & up) – Leela Grace

Take a break from dancing or running after your kids and take part in the joy of harmony singing. Leela brings her popular class of learning traditional harmonies by ear back to Ogontz.


Jest for Laughs at the Green Chairs – Roger the Jester

Roger will amaze and entertain us all each afternoon. What better way to end our busy day then laughing together at the Green Chairs.

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