us mapTo serve our mission of encouraging thriving local communities throughout the continent of North America, CDSS recently undertook a study in order to learn how to best support local traditional music, dance, and song organizers in Canada. View the report of that study.

Following closely upon the release of Canadian study, we conducted a follow-up survey of organizers in the US. The primary purpose of the second survey was to learn about the current challenges and needs of local organizers who are CDSS members (group Affiliate or individual/family). A subset of the Canadian survey questions were used for the US survey to determine whether the Canadian findings resonated with US organizers, and where there might variation.

While there were a few differences, the similarities were dramatic. For instance, as with the Canadian organizers, US organizers are currently most concerned with issues around attendance.

Both studies included questions about the types of supports organizers would find most helpful. We are now taking action on a number of these findings in order to strengthen our support of local organizers as we believe local organizers are truly essential to fostering the communities of dance, music, and song traditions that we collectively value.

us tdms survey report covClick here for the full survey report

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