David Kaynor Ashokan mid 1980s 1 Loraine MDavid, the jammer, at Ashokan Northern Week, 1980sFond memories of many Ashokan Northern Weeks with you, David, from 1985 to 2019. Remembering your wonderful tune sessions, your great teaching, your incredible calling, your incredible contra dance swinging, your bad jokes, and your overall humor and silliness. Here are some memories from the 1980s and Ashokan.

David Kaynor merman at Ashokan mid 1980s Loraine MDavid, the Merman, at Ashokan Northern Week, 1980sDavid Kaynor Ashokan mid 1980s 2 Loraine MDavid, the dance mentor, at Ashokan Northern Week, 1980s

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