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ECD & Contra with Perry Shafran & Reelplay (an Atlanta DistDance Event)
Friday, Feb. 26, 2021,  7:00 PM Eastern -  9:15 PM Eastern
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Enjoy a half contra, half English program, some free waltz and a tai chi warmup led by Cis Hinkle, all at Atlanta's Friday DistDance. After-party at 9 with games and visiting and, NEW!, bring your novice friends for an Intro to Contra and ECD from 7:10 - 7:30.

Perry Shafran and Reelplay are zooming down to Atlanta on Friday for an evening of good music, good people, and just general good times!  Come dance or come visit.  (If you dance, you'll get to enjoy Chorus Jig as well as Mary Kay.)  Come to listen or come to watch.  Come on your own terms and enjoy however you want.  And if you want a brush up or to bring a first-time dancer, we are now teaching an Introduction to Contra and ECD Dancing starting at 7:10. 

New! We are now teaching an intro to contra dance starting at 7:10. Please invite non-dancing friends to learn and enjoy. We also encourage you to stay with us after the dance as we go around the circle and share the highlight of our week!

When: Friday, 2/26
Social time: 7:00-9:15pm US Eastern time
Optional beginner's Intro to Contra and ECD: 7:10-7:30
Optional tai chi warm-up with Cis Hinkle: 7:10-7:30.
Music for listening and dancing: 7:30-9:00
Caller: Perry Shafran
Band: Reelplay

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If you haven't tried a virtual dance, give it a go. Like live dances, our dances are social events as much as anything - the chance to connect with other dancers, to be part of a community, to remind ourselves of life pre-isolation and look forward to post-isolation. Some people use it like a radio hour and listen while washing dishes or cleaning house. Many don't dance but many do, so enjoy dancing if you are moved, or just enjoy chatting with your friends or listening to good music.

Perry Shafran is a long-time fixture of the Washington-Baltimore area caller. He is fun and has a voice that is as smoother as a late-night jazz DJ, with gently self-deprecating humor. He loves dance and dancing (even with himself), and is a clear, concise teacher.

Reelplay is an Atlanta dance band with both England and New England in their hearts. Dave Marcus, concertina, and Robbin L Marcus on piano (and a bit of percussion) also enjoy an eclectic mix of tunes from Quebec to Atlanta, Ireland to Sweden.

"The live music that Reelplay offers is a real treat ... Such a pleasure to dance to! ... Your music is amazing. You definitely have a unique and danceable sound. ... Michael & All Angels was touching, yet had plenty of forward motion ... Just great!!" Listen to Reelplay here.

Our caller and band are not paid, and rely on your generous tips. 

Programs are selected to be easy and satisfying with one or two people. You're also welcome to just listen and hang out with us. If you'd like to warm up with 20 minutes of tai chi, arrive at 7:10 for a session with Cis Hinkle.

Atlanta DistDance uses gender-free calling.

Please share with your friends near and far! Hope to see you Friday!

Atlanta DistDances are a community service from Seth Tepfer, Cis Hinkle, Kimbi Hagen, Robbin Marcus & Dave Marcus in the great state of Georgia but are not sponsored by the Chattahoochee Contra Dancers or ECD Atlanta. 

Time Zone Information

Friday, February 26, 2021, 4:00 PM Pacific time
Friday, February 26, 2021, 5:00 PM Mountain time
Friday, February 26, 2021, 6:00 PM Central time
Friday, February 26, 2021, 7:00 PM Eastern time
Saturday, February 27, 2021, 12:00 AM United Kingdom time

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