Owen Morrison and babyOwen Morrison


I am available to teach virtual guitar lessons - contact me if you'd like to give it a try. I'm also always looking for ways to get my music to more sets of ears. Consider buying some of my CDs or putting them in the soundtrack of your next blockbuster movie. I will probably not have any performance income for most of this year, but I'm not the only bread winner in the family. If you want to give money directly, please do so to those who have no other means of supporting themselves.

I would be incredibly grateful if you can buy any of my recordings, for yourself or as gifts for your friends. Download from where ever you buy music or order from my website. Albums include a collection of original waltzes, three CD's from Elixir, two from the Morrison Brothers Band, and one each from Night Watch and House Red. Give them to everyone you know if you want! I want to thank CDSS for creating this platform to help many of the wonderful people who contribute to our community and are so negatively affected by the current crises.

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