Why we contra dance

A guest post from member Robbin Marcus. Thanks, Robbin!
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For the last couple of years in Atlanta, amateur videographer Jim Crawford has embarked on an adventure in being a contra dance ambassador. Each week, Jim films the caller and band in one or more dances per evening, and then posts those videos on You Tube. Here is Jim’s recent lovely video called “CCD – Why We Contra Dance”:

The adventure began while Jim was serving on the steering committee of the Chattahoochee Country Dancers. The board decided to make a series of videos on beginning contra dance lessons, taught and narrated by local callers, and demonstrated by local experienced dancers. Jim got drafted to film them. This series is distributed to new dancers at CCD via a CD after the beginner’s workshop – but many of you have now viewed these lessons on You Tube as well. As time has gone on, Jim has gotten more creative and is even branching out to other local dance groups.

Please feel free to share with your friends, and be sure to check out Jim’s other videos of the vibrant Atlanta dance community.

2 thoughts on “Why we contra dance

  1. Robbin Marcus

    Just a brief correction from Jim Crawford – the original instructional videos were started in 2007 by a small group of folks Jim put together in Atlanta, and completed with funding from a CDSS grant in 2008. Hope you enjoy! Robbin

  2. Jim Crawford

    The small group of Chattahoochee Country Dancers that provided the skills and expertise needed and independently came up with the Contra Dance Basics videos in 2008 were: Rob Harper, Susan Davis, Scott Russell, Sherry Kilpatrick and Jim Crawford. Jim outlined the nine chapters, initiated the Contra Dance Basics project and did the videography. Rob and Susan wrote their own scripts and provided instructions off screen for the videos. Rob and Susan have really clear resonant voices and gave the videos male and female points of view in the videos. Scott organized the calling and the music. Sherry coordinated the volunteers of musicians and demonstrating dancers over a five month period. To see all the credits copy and paste the following Chapter 9 The Credits onto your url: http://youtu.be/CnZjL5LUf5c

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