What Does the Exec Do?

by Jenny Beer, CDSS Vice President

Exec in Sacramento (l-r): Lynn Ackerson, David Millstone, Pat Petersen, David Chandler, Stephen Stiebel, Rima Dael (CDSS director), Jill Allen, Jenny Beer and visiting past president Bruce Hamilton

The CDSS Governing Board (23 people) meets every spring at the CDSS office for two-and-a-half days, and by teleconference or forum as needed, to make decisions that need substantive discussion. This leaves the more routine oversight, planning, and decisions to the nine member Exec, which meets six times a year, twice in person and the rest by teleconference.

Around the time the Exec was meeting in Sacramento recently, I got several queries from dancing friends in California asking, “What does the Exec actually do in their meetings?” Below is what happened at the February 1, 2013 meeting.

Reports are distributed and reviewed before the meeting starts, leaving us time to focus on larger issues. Topics during our Sacramento meeting included:

  • discussing preparations and financing for CDSS’s centennial in 2015
  • approving CDSS’s 2014 budget (a conservative one)
  • discussing CDSS’s strategic direction in becoming a bi-national arts organization, especially the balance between offering member services and promoting larger projects and presence, and then how these might change the role of the Board
  • administrative concerns about cash flow
  • consulting with the Awards committee
  • reviewing Nominating Committee procedures
  • checking on the progress of our various task groups
  • applauding the first of CDSS’s traveling banners, part of the “CDSS in a Box” road kits the office is putting together

Decisions are always better thanks to high quality chocolates that wind their way around the table during our meetings. Thanks to Patty and Paul Larsen for giving us full run of their house and providing lunch as well. We finished our agenda in time to head for the anniversary dinner and dance. What better way to conclude a meeting?

Articles about the Sacramento meeting and the one in Huntsville, AL in November will be in the spring issue of the CDSS News.