Some Seasonal and Holiday-themed Dances

by Pat Petersen

Last weekend, I took a notion and sorted thru several stacks and folders of unfiled and out-of-place dance materials. Coming across several dances I had intended to do “some day,” and quite a number that I had forgotten about, it seized me to list all of the dances appropriate to the current season, and teach as many as possible at the regular Sun Assembly (Durham, NC) dance. Well, why go to all that work of making a list if not to share it? Thereby I offer the following, with sources. I’d be delighted to add to it!  All opinions welcomed.

Dance titles, authors, sources:

  • As Tiny Tim Observed, Fried Herman, Fringe Benefits
  • Candles in the Dark, Loretta Holz, Candles in the Dark
  • Christmas at Zeist, Philippe Callens, Belgian Boutades
  • An Early Frost, Philippe Callens, Continental Capers
  • For Mary, John Woods, Blind Harper Dances
  • Gower Wassail, Sol Weber, CDSS News, #193 Nov/Dec 2006
  • Jingle Bells, Jonathan Sivier (2005 email)
  • In the Bleak Midwinter, Robin Hayden, CDSS News, #134 Jan 1997
  • In the Fields in Frost & Snow, Fallibroome 1
  • Michael and All Angels, Fried Herman, Potters’ Porch
  • Midwinter Maggot, Gary Roodman, A Group of Calculated Figures
  • A New Beginning, Gary Roodman, Additional Calculated Figures, Old Friends
  • New Year’s Day in the Morning, Fallibroome 3
  • Old Wife Behind the Fire, A Choice Collection…Neal
  • Oranges and Lemons, Playford Ball
  • Peace Be With You, Fried Herman, CDSS News, #164 Jan/Feb 2002
  • Red and All Red, Charles Bolton reconstruction
  • Round About Our Coal Fire, Tom Cook reconstruction, Hunter’s Moon
  • Shepherd’s Delight, Hilary Herbert, Hilary’s Humours 1
  • A Solstice Snow, Gary Roodman, A Group of Calculated Figures
  • Thanksgiving, A. Troxler when no one showed up for the 2012 Thanksgiving dance
  • Thanksgiving Anniversary, Mary McConnell
  • Twelfth Night, Lou Vosteen
  • Welcome to Winter, Gary Roodman, Even Odder Calculated Figures
  • Winter in Brasstown, Philippe Callens, Seasons of Invention
  • Winter Dreams, Gary Roodman, Sum Further Calculated Figures
  • Winter Garden, Brooke Friendly & Chris Sackett, Impropriety 1
  • Winter Memories, Colin Hume, Dances With a Difference 4
  • Winter Oranges, Carl Dreher, CDSS News, Spring 2011
  • Winter Solstice, Wendy Crouch, Further Flights of Fancy
  • Winter Waltz, Fried Herman, Serendipity
  • A Winter’s Day, Gary Roodman, Even Odder Calculated Figures

I’m tempted to include The Homecoming and Whiskey Before Dinner, but I may be reaching a bit! Have also not included all the dances with “red” in the title.

Suggestions for other titles?

One thought on “Some Seasonal and Holiday-themed Dances

  1. Lindsay

    “Female Saylor,” danced to the tune of “Masters in This Hall”

    also “Halfe Hannikin” is on the “Carols for Dancing” CD from the NPR program a couple of years ago.

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