Social Cohesion and our Role in It

by Rima Dael, CDSS Executive Director

Happy Friday…and now indulge me as I step up on my soap box.

You’ve heard me say it a few times now that I love what I do because I consider it “important fun” and that I am passionate about the impact of the Arts in our society. Well, a friend, Heather Carpenter, wrote an article in The Nonprofit Quarterly about a new study released by the National Conference on Citizenship titled “Civic Health and Unemployment II: The Case Builds.”

Heather’s article highlights that, aside from the safety net that the nonprofit sector’s service provides, nonprofits aid in fostering social cohesion which also helps in preventing unemployment. Social cohesion is defined as “the level at which citizens trust, talk to and help neighbors, and socialize with family and friends.”

Well, that’s what we at CDSS help promote, fund, sponsor and participate in! The participatory dance, music and song that we do help promote good feelings in a communal setting. So yes, we are a factor in preventing unemployment—another fantastic and significant reason to support the important work that we do!!

Stepping off my soapbox now….

Have a good weekend, Rima 

2 thoughts on “Social Cohesion and our Role in It

  1. Katy German

    Well said! After a night of dancing you have supported, been supported by, and smiled in the face of almost every other person in the room. What else in our society offers such an opportunity? And it all happens as live swirls around you!

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