Rima’s Travels–Meeting and Dancing in Sacramento

by Rima Dael, Executive Director

Rima and the Exec in Sacramento (l-r): Lynn Ackerson (CA), David Millstone (NH), Pat Petersen (NC), Stephen Stiebel (NC), David Chandler (NJ), Rima, Jill Allen (KS), Jenny Beer (PA), Linda Lieberman (IA)

So here’s a funny story—I got a cold coming back from a dance weekend! Sound familiar?! (Smile.)

Twice a year, the Executive Committee from the CDSS Board travels to different communities around the US and Canada to meet new people, get to know their communities, have our meeting, and, of course, dance! We do this to be sure we hear from our members and communities about the good things they are doing, what works well for them locally, and what issues they are currently facing.

We had the pleasure of dancing in Sacramento, CA last Friday-Sunday, February 1-3, hosted by the Sacramento Country Dance Society who have been CDSS members since the early 1990s. We were welcomed to the weekend with a Friday night contra, attended by a large, wonderful and energetic group of new and experienced dancers, to the calling of CDSS president David Millstone, with music from Crab Apples, from Monterey, CA. Since this was not their usual contra dance night, active members used Facebook and MeetUp to connect with others in the community to get the word out. And yes, good old-fashioned word-of-mouth helped too.

Friday contra dance; photo by Linda Lieberman

Mike Silver at the 10th anniversary English dance on Saturday; photo by Linda Lieberman

While the CDSS Exec met during the day on Saturday, the English country dancers of Sacramento CDS kicked off their 10th Anniversary Celebration with afternoon workshops by Brooke Friendly. The evening party and dance was led by Sharon Green, Mistress of Ceremonies, with music by Quite Carried Away. Callers of the evening included Lise Dyckman, Alan Winston, Brooke Friendly, Mary Luckhardt, Sharon Green, Linda Lieberman, Pat Petersen, Bob Farley and Bruce Hamilton.

Sunday morning members of the Bay Area CDS and Sacramento CDS had brunch with the CDSS Exec, and we listened to them share the joys and challenges their communities face.

Despite my cold, I retain a warm and welcoming memory of Sacramento, our marvelous hosts, and the vibrant dance community.

Sacramento Country Dance Society (SactoCDS) sponsors contra and English country dances; see their webpage for details.




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