“Nobody remotely like him…”—Pete Seeger (1919-2014)

Text and photos by Stewart Dean

576A3583 (Medium)Nobody remotely like him, and a towering example to us all of a life well led, decently, indomitably, with heart, conviction and a burning sense of fairness and compassion.

Attached are some pictures I took of him last summer at the Summer Hoot at Ashokan.  He was then so frail, but his spirit was still fierce.

When he wasn’t at the mic or talking to someone, he would look out into space as if gazing into eternity…with utter calm.  It seemed to me he could have, at any time, stepped into the void….utterly surrendered and unafraid

He has now turned and turned….which he wrote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbPl91kTFro

His voice has been faltering but him never.

“…in our direst need, the smallest gifts: the nail of the horseshoe, the pin of the axle, the feather at the pivot point, the pebble at the mountain’s peak, the kiss in despair, the one right word.

In darkness, understanding.”

(“Dy Cabon’s Prayer to the Bastard,” by Lois McMaster Bujold, Paladin of Souls)

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2 thoughts on ““Nobody remotely like him…”—Pete Seeger (1919-2014)

  1. Isabel Coutts (Barte

    Dear Friends in Song and Dance:
    I had the rare privilege of working on one of Toshi and Peter Seegers’ visionary projects-The Hudson River Sloop Clearwater-in the early to mid 70’s. When I heard that Pete had passed, had joined Toshi in whatever path opens, I was flooded with memories of the integrity, vision and sheer hard work they brought to whatever they touched.
    They reminded us all that music was for everyone, could be sung and played by everyone, could be danced by all of us in community. My life was utterly changed.
    Thanks so much Seegers! For music, song, dance and life.
    Isabel Coutts (Barten)

  2. Zeke Smukler

    Talked about the young and the old Pete Seeger before the old Pete Seeger died because of the late Pete Seeger being clean-shaven before he had a beard. I’ve heard him on recordings like videos called “Rainbow Quest” with different artists. That’s what Norman Ross used to have at his publishing company in New York City, but not anymore.


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