Mondays in Nelson

Happy Friday CDSS friends!  On this first day of summer I’m happy to share with you my final school project, completed during my recent semester at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine.  While there I learned both radio and video production as well as some photography.  It was wonderful to develop these skills while working with a community near and dear to my heart: the Monday night contra dance in Nelson, NH.   Please enjoy this six minute video portrait of this gem of a community dance.

I also wish to extend my warmest thanks to the many people who helped make the project possible including: Lisa Sieverts, Gordon Peery, Don Primrose, Kelly Strauss, Val Van Meier, Al Stoops, Jenny Maxwell, Rachel Fouchet and all the Nelson dancers, callers and musicians.


~ Mary

[ylwm_vimeo height=”400″ width=”600″ class=”MYCUSTOMCLASS” portrait=”false” byline=”false”]66125030[/ylwm_vimeo]

12 thoughts on “Mondays in Nelson

  1. Doug Plummer

    This is wonderful! It is subtle, detailed, about a community and a dance for which I have such affection and attachment and that I miss dearly. This is a great piece and you should be proud.

  2. Terry Dattolo

    I was at both dances when Mary was filming this – what a great job! When the /photos/video/film comes close to capturing the actual JOY of being a part of the dance – that’s art. Well done, Mary, and thank you! A+

  3. Betty Firth

    Wonderful video! It’s fun to see and hear Al Stoops who used to live here in Ely, MN and told us grand stories of your wonderful dance (and broader) community. And Al looks so happy to be there! But, still, we miss him in our community.

  4. Tom Rogers

    Terrific job, Mary! I almost never watch entire videos people link to from Facebook, but yours is so professional and so engaging and lovely I couldn’t stop watching. From now on, when people ask me what contra dancing is, I will send them to your video. Good luck in your filmmaking career!

  5. Jack Mitchell

    Wonderful video. I’m determined to make it work to go to Nelson after the RPDLW this year. It didn’t work after NEFFA, or after RPDLW this year, but this time I have a whole year to not schedule something that I have to come back to right after Ralph Page Weekend!

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