May Day 2012

Hip hip hooray, hooray, the First of May…

Hello from a soggy Easthampton, MA….HAPPY MAY DAY!

I hope your May Day celebrations were not rained out. We’ve learned that our local Morris folks did get a little soggy this morning. Please post your videos and photos on the CDSS Facebook page and let us know how you celebrated the day!

My favorite May Day message came from a friend from Mount Holyoke College who is celebrating her May Day in Chile! (She’s spending her junior year abroad there.) So near or far, may your celebrations today and into the coming weeks be joyous!  I’ll close with some pictures of May Day celebrations of members around the country and the first stanza of a favorite poem.

We are the music makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams;—
World-losers and world-forsakers,
On whom the pale moon gleams:
Yet we are the movers and shakers
Of the world for ever, it seems.

— Arthur O’Shaughnessy, Ode, 1874

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