Group Energy—CDSS Summer Camps for Adults

Adult Weeks, Pinewoods Camp, Plymouth, MA, July-August 2013

photo by Jeff Bary

Synergy (noun)—combined action or functioning, producing an effect that is greater than the sum of its individual elements or contributions.

In other words—a really GREAT community!

The Country Dance and Song Society’s summer camps are known for many things: excellent staff, beautiful surroundings, enthusiastic participants, and a devotion to the power of participatory dance, song and music to enrich our lives. We don’t just watch or listen to the stuff—we do it!

CDSS camp programs bring individuals together each week to: CREATE and strengthen our dance, song and music skills; CREATE a supportive environment for emerging talents; CREATE networks of people to share information with throughout the year; and CREATE opportunities for lifelong friendships.

photo by Stewart Dean

We run several weeks and mini-courses for adults 18 and up (15-17 years old with a parent/guardian). For 2013, these weeks at Pinewoods Camp in Plymouth, MA include:

Harmony of Song & Dance, July 27-August 3, Nils Fredland, program director (open)

English Dance Week, August 3-10, Brad Foster (open, short wait list)
and English Dance Musicians Course, August 3-10, Shira Kammen (open)


photo by Adam Brown

English & American Dance Week, August 10-17, Owen Morrison (open)

American Dance & Music Week, August 24-31, Ethan Hazzard-Watkins & Anna Patton and Sound Operators Course, August 24-31, Tony Hernandez (open, short wait list)

See also our earlier blog about Early Music Week and Harmony of Song & Dance, and a blog about our Family Weeks.


Adult Weeks, Pinewoods Camp, Plymouth, MA, July-August 2013


photo by Stu Shapiro

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