Fractured Atlas

by Jeff Martell, CDSS Sales and Group Services Manager

CDSS is proud to announce that we are partnering with Fractured Atlas in their Open Arts Network to bring their services to our members. Any CDSS member can now become an Associate Member of Fractured Atlas for free and take advantage of the services they offer. Fractured Atlas is a nonprofit organization that serves arts organizations nationwide. Services available to CDSS members include access to health insurance, online courses to help with fundraising, marketing and other business topics, access to their calendar, and special offers and discounts. The online courses, in particular, will be of interest to many of our members. The courses deal mainly with the business of art. And let’s face it, many of us ARE in the business of art in one way or another. Fractured Atlas also offers some interesting cross-disciplinary networking opportunities for our members. We believe that this partnership will be a boon to CDSS members on many levels.



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