EFDSS: Teaching Traditional Song


Fun With Folk

While checking out efdss.org the other day, I found a cool resource for teachers who are interested in incorporating traditional English song and singing games into their curriculum. Fun with Folk was created as part of the Take 6 Project, funded in England by the Heritage Lottery Fund and delivered to EFDSS in 2008-9.

Fun with Folk features 15 songs from Lancashire, Hampshire, and London with words and audio. And most importantly, there are extensive Teacher’s Notes with objectives, activities, local study suggestions, and websites for each region’s songs in the categories of: history, literacy, music, dance, physical education, art and design, and math.

These are fun, easy-to-use, colorful and kid-friendly resources. My favorite part was the staff room which addresses that age-old concern: I can’t sing!! You DO want to get over that, and it helps you learn how.