CDSS’s New Logo

by CDSS Executive Director Rima Dael

Hello CDSS friends and family!

The CDSS Fall newsletter is arriving in your mailboxes now. In the newsletter, in our annual report and other places online, and in our store you’ve begun to see our new logo!

Here is the short version, with our initials; the full name version is shown in the photo below.

This logo was created by input from staff feedback, first initiated by our interim executive director, Marie Dalton-Meyer, and a brainstorming session, facilitated by Lisa Sieverts, with the CDSS Board at the Annual Meeting in April. We took images of movement, hands connecting, community, fiddleheads, G clef and C clef to showcase the letters C-D-S-S and our full name.

Our work at CDSS supports the work of those who are the dancers, musicians, singers and organizers. I wanted to make sure the logo reflected that, so the image of reaching out to take someone by the hand was an important concept. We took these ideas to consultant Lisa Sihvonen-Binder to help craft the initial look of the logo, and then we went to Andrews Associates to create its brand image that we can use on letterhead, e-communications, store items, etc. And this is how our logo came to be.

Check out our new store items! I am a huge fan of our new water bottle…which has come in handy for us when our air conditioning went out and the office was HOT! The weather is a little cooler now, we have fans, but we’re hydrating using our super cool (pun intended) water bottles. With the fall dance season upon us what a better way to stay hydrated?

Be well, Rima:)

3 thoughts on “CDSS’s New Logo

  1. Sandy

    You’ve got to be kidding. No one said the metal water bottles are good for you ! An opportunity arose when people finally realized that the plastic bottles weren’t good for them. You can pick up nickel from the stainless steel. Only the glass water bottles are safe. And how does this represent the happy side of dancing and music ?

  2. Rima

    Hi Sandy:

    Thanks for the response; I appreciate the candor of your opinions. I was simply sharing that our new water bottle (which is stainless steel) can help in keeping one hydrated when dancing. The choice of purchasing a water bottle or what kind of water bottle clearly rests with the individual. (A resource I’ve used to choose water bottles for myself can be found here:

    The goal of my blog was not to blog on water bottles but to share our logo’s creation. I hope that you and other CDSS members embrace the new logo. We on staff and our Governing Board are very excited by it.

    One way to help spread our new look is by purchasing an item from the store with our logo. We now have tote bags and t-shirts with the new logo at the CDSS store:

    Thank you, Sandy, for your time in reading the blog and sharing your thoughts. (Smile!)

    Be well,

  3. Sandy

    That might not be the best site to use. They are saying aluminum bottles are OK too and we all went off aluminum pots a long, long time ago.

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