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survey responses: dance

What areas of DANCE do you regularly participate in? (survey responses)

Thanks to all of you who took the time to provide feedback on our recent community survey. We heard from over 900 individuals representing 45 states, five Canadian provinces, and seven other countries. We also heard from a variety of local communities across North America who hosted meetings to talk about their hopes and dreams for CDSS. What an amazing response!

Eleven members of the CDSS Board, Staff, and Transition Task Group spent October 31 reviewing the data findings and suggestions from everyone. Despite a record snow storm, significant storm damage and power outages on the eve of the meeting, we were able to meet at the home of Steve Howe and Meg Ryan. Nancy Jackson, the transition consultant, facilitated our meeting.

What we learned from the data: Many people are not aware of the breadth of services and supports that CDSS is already providing.  Clearly, we need to communicate better! We also found overwhelming interest for CDSS to develop more ways for members and groups to connect with each other.

Following are some of the highlights of what we learned; stay tuned for a fuller report of survey findings.

This is a small sampling of the hundreds of ideas received from across the continent:

  • “Why can’t CDSS deliver workshops online or via skype technology?”
  • “Send callers/musicians to places that cannot afford the talent.”
  • “Partner with the National Dance Education Organization, made up of teachers of dance in schools.”
  • “Develop more technology communications (iPhone app, Google apps, dance locator and more) so we can use CDSS as a portal to link and connect with others.”
  • “Find a way to use members as volunteers to move the organization forward. Use the diverse talents of our members.”
  • “Expect more from member groups–provide us with tools (kits/posters/incentives/CDSS logo for our own website) so we can help talk about CDSS and all it has to offer.”
  • “Find ways to take resources, services and do more outreach outside of New England.”
survey responses: what should our broad goal be?

What should our BROAD goal be? (survey responses)

People also suggested the following six be our broad goal areas for the future:

  • Build wider awareness of, and participation in, our kinds of dance and music. (47%)
  • Become a central reference hub, online and offline. (36%)
  • Support local and regional initiatives to increase participation. (33%)
  • Produce great summer camps. (32%)
  • Encourage interaction among a wide network of dance and music communities. (28%)
  • Become a conversation hub for conversations and information sharing online and off. (20%)

We outlined the areas that we need to address first and began work on identifying priorities for the next three years. The day ended with an exciting discussion about desired skills, experience and style requirements for a new CDSS executive director; the job listing is now posted.

The Transition Task Group is grateful to all of you who took the time to share your thoughts. It was important to hear and respond to your ideas. We are optimistic about the future for CDSS that you are helping to shape.

Update 1/19/12: Detailed data

Download the PDF report (30pp).

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  1. Joseph

    What happened to our comments, additions and “other”?

    I would like to 2-step to old timely music and waltz to a country waltz. I think the data suggests that most folks, that’s the CDSS membership, don’t cross paths with CDSS much. That is a lack of validation.

    Follow the music. What music does our community play? What dances accompany those tunes. We need to learn the waltz and 2-step.

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