Bravo Brad—part two with video highlights!

by Rima Dael, Executive Director

As promised, I said I’d follow up with another blog on the Bravo Brad event from the end of August with a video montage and thoughts from others. Here is the link to the video!

Thoughts from others…

David Millstone, CDSS Board President
“Bravo Brad!” brought a series of CDSS luminaries and other “Friends Of Brad” from such diverse locations as Ontario, California, Seattle, and Florida to pay a well-deserved homage to the man who led CDSS for more than two decades. Not shown on this edited video are the many other parts of the evening–two musical tributes by Laurie Andres on accordion and Jacqueline Schwab on piano, brief comments by Rima and myself, a terrific demonstration of rapper dance put on by members of the Pinewoods camp crew, and a series of hilarious skits organized by Karen Axelrod. The evening dance program included dances written for Brad, including two commissioned by the CDSS Board–an English country dance (by Gary Roodman, tune by Jonathan Jensen) and a contra (Steve Zakon-Anderson)–and a waltz (by Jonathan) written for Brad and his wife, Barbara. It was a lovely event.

Sharon Green, Bravo Brad Committee
What a wonderful gathering of the clans at English Week to celebrate Brad’s 28 years leading CDSS. It was a joy to see folks from as far away as Tom Siess (London, Ontario) and Ellen Judson (Seattle), there to pay tribute to Brad and to thank him for all he’s done for CDSS and for us all.

Jackie Algon, Past CDSS Board Member, Bravo Brad Committee
When someone as giving and impactful as Brad Foster gives 28 years of his life-energy to an organization, it is very satisfying to thank him in a way that he’ll recognize is from our individual and our collective hearts. The event was truly joyful and gratifying as evidenced by the smiles on everyone I saw and the happy feedback I heard later, and the special guests who made their ways to Pinewoods to toast Brad added wonderful warmth to the evening’s festivities. My thanks to all of those who worked to make Bravo Brad! so special for Brad and his family, and for the community as a whole. And, to Brad: Bravo!

Steve Howe, Director of Programs, Bravo Brad Committee
We turned 4 hours of English Dance Week on its head, shifting dinner, moving dessert, adding a few guests and toasting Brad for his 28 years of leadership of CDSS. It is clear that Brad is still a very active part of this community, directing English Week, traveling to call, and supporting the ongoing work and mission of the Society. Bravo Brad!

Yes, Bravo Brad indeed!

Cheers, Rima

Video by David Millstone