An Important Message from Brad Foster

Friends, here is a message from Brad. – Robin

I am writing to let you know that I am resigning from my position of Executive and Artistic Director. The board and I have been unable to agree on a vision for the future of CDSS; I am stepping aside to help the process move forward. I will be wrapping up my work as CDSS Director by May 27th.

I am looking forward to moving on to new challenges.

CDSS and I all wish each other well, and are parting on good terms. I’ve offered my continued support to CDSS’s process of moving forward. I will be teaching this summer at two CDSS camps and hope to see you there or at other events this summer and in the future.

Here is a message from Bruce Hamilton, President of the Board:

“I’d like to thank and congratulate Brad for his many years of service as Executive and Artistic Director to CDSS. Although Brad is leaving this role, we still regard him as very much a part of the CDSS family, where his devotion, passion and many contributions to country dance and song are deeply appreciated.”

Thank you all for being part of the CDSS community; knowing you means a lot to me. I wish you all well and hope to see you in the future.