A Festive Celebration for George Fogg

Brad Foster, George Fogg and Rima Dael

Brad Foster, George Fogg and Rima Dael

It was a lovely afternoon in Payson Church in Belmont, MA, for the CDSS Celebration of George Fogg’s Lifetime Contribution Award. Everyone had a George story to share…now I have one too. The afternoon started a little rainy, but as the speakers spoke about George, about his support, encouragement and welcoming demeanor to jump in to join the dance, the clouds parted and sun shone through. The weather seemed to respond to the warmth and joy within the hall that just must have spilled out to chase the rain away.

There was dancing for all, demonstrations from the Black Jokers Morris Men and Pinewoods Morris Men. We also heard speeches from Brad Foster, CDSS Emeritus Executive & Artistic Director; Steve Roderick from the Pinewoods Morris Men; Howard Lasnick from the Black Jokers Morris Men; Rich Jackson from CDS Boston Centre; Tony Parker from NEFFA; Regina Laskowski and Jo Crawford from the Folk Arts Center of New England; Peggy Hooper from Founders Chapter of the National American Glass Club; and Kitty Keller, Dance Historian and collaborator.

George Fogg accepting his award

We give our thanks to the following people for their hard work, passion and efforts for the celebration:

  • Judy Erickson, Nikki Herbst, Steve Roderick, Barbara Finney,  Marcie Van Cleave for the overall organization of the ceremony.
  • Judy Erickson, Barbara Finney for programming.
  • George Fogg, Rich Jackson, Barbara Finney for leading us in our dancing!
  • Vince O’Donnell for organizing the band.
  • Our musicians: Vince O’Donnell, Ralph Jones, Ishmael Stefanov-Wagner, Barbara Pixon, and Max Newman.
  • NEFFA for providing the sound.
  • Our co-event sponsors: CDS Boston Centre and additional financial support from The Folk Arts Center, NEFFA.
  • Terry Huffaker for decorations and memorabilia.
  • Deb Karl for being hall mistress, and to the Awards Ceremony Committee and all the many volunteers who worked to put this together.
George Fogg with the Pinewoods Morrismen

George with the Pinewoods Morrismen

The Lifetime Contributions Award is about an individual’s long term and exceptional contribution to continuing the living traditions of participatory dance, music and song with roots in English and North American traditions. The day was about George Fogg’s enthusiasm, energy, ideas, connections and activities on behalf of country dancing past, present and future. Thanks George! It was a spectacular afternoon. My heartfelt thanks for all that you’ve done for CDSS.

One more thing to share…check out the video of Sellenger’s Round as our last dance of the afternoon.



All photos by Arthur Ferguson.