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Camp: Early Deadlines and Scholarships

As the camp registration early deadline approaches, we have some notes from Steve, our Director of Programs, and Linda, our Outreach Manager.

Steve on Camp Deadlines

Monday (March 28) is the lottery date for our camp weeks! We will be handling all registrations received by the end of the day. Any week oversubscribed will have a lottery. By Wednesday morning I will post a note saying which weeks needed a lottery and which still have space for rolling admissions. It will take me a few days beyond that to get the mail out. It is a few long days for me, but it is exciting to see the weeks take shape and to begin to be with camp friends old and new, to hear the music and feel the swimming. Better get those registrations in this week either by mail or online.

Linda on Scholarships

The scholarship committee will consider the applications that have been received by Mon 3/28. Note: There is not yet an on-line scholarship application form so it needs to be mailed, faxed or emailed in time to arrive by the 28th.

The bulk of the available moneys will be awarded during the last week of March. So if money is keeping you from registering for a week at camp, we do urge you to let us know. Send in those registrations and scholarship applications.

We try to make it possible for everyone to attend our weeks. We offer a variety of scholarships to assist with this, including…

Work and Named Scholarships
Work scholarships reduce the camper fee by $170 and entail approximately 90 minutes of work every day.
Named scholarships have been established to honor people who have made a significant contribution to country dance, music and song. Some are simply need-based and others are for potential or practicing teachers, leaders, singers, dancers and musicians of English and American country dance and song. This aid is usually in addition to a work scholarship.
Matching Scholarships for Group Affiliates
We offer a one-to-one match of some scholarships sponsored by local CDSS group affiliates. We encourage groups to help sponsor individuals to attend our camps, and we encourage recipients to use their camp experiences to benefit their home communities. Read more here. (I’d love to see more of these.)
New Generation Initiative
In conjunction with Pinewoods Camp, Inc. we administer a limited number of full scholarships to our Pinewoods weeks for individuals who are new to camp, age 15-30, and show leadership initiative. If you have suggestions of individuals for CDSS to sponsor — or if you yourself would like to be sponsored — please let me know.

If you have questions about scholarships, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Follow these links for further details about our dance and music weeks and our scholarships.
From all of us here in the office, we hope that you will join us at camp!
You can also help support the CDSS scholarships and promote leadership in our communities by making a donation:

Camp registrations getting thick as maple syrup.

It’s time to get your early registrations for CDSS camps and special weeks in the mail. Steve Howe, our Director of Programs, has a few things to share.

Making maple syrup with the Howes

I know that it is almost spring! On Saturdays, my son Sam and I have been boiling maple sap (we are now at 2.5 gallons of syrup) and at work, camp registrations are coming in. Registrations are ahead of this time last year. Many people have used the new on-line registration system; it is quite simple, asking only name(s), week(s) and deposit(s). The other details (housing requests, etc.) will follow — for returning campers, we have old data.

Remember that CDSS does not use a first come/first serve system, but will have a lottery for programs that are oversubscribed by the processing date — and that date approaches for the mini courses. Next Monday (March 21) is the lottery date for the those:

There is still another week for the Weeks, but you had better get those registrations in!

Steve Howe