Greetings from Rima

Hello CDSS Friends and Members,

This is my first week at the helm of CDSS and I wanted very much to reach out to say “Hello!,” and it’s wonderful to meet all of you through cyberspace. We at the office are busy with preparing for our annual Board meeting, tying up loose ends from the Putting On The Dance conference (that Linda did) and the Keith Blackmon Memorial Weekend (that Pat and Nils did). Of course, we’re busy, busy, busy with summer camp preparations too. Check out this link to  see what weeks  have space right now:

Now, aside from figuring out what shoes to invest in for dancing at camp and the many local dances, I’ve been busy working with our in-coming Board President, David Millstone, on goals for the next six months and moving forward with our Centennial planning. (I won’t bore you with the mundane details of our getting a new database!)

I will be out and about during the month of July getting to each of the camps, and am planning on traveling to different parts of North America to meet CDSS members, donors and board in their backyards too. I very much look forward to experiencing the regional differences of the dances, music and songs.

I thank you for your membership and support — YOU connect us with so many people and communities. YOU help us continue our traditions. YOU celebrate the joy of dance, song and music! Thank you for being YOU and for being a part of the CDSS community!


Rima Dael, Executive Director, Country Dance and Song Society

P.S. Please feel free to send me an email, call or drop by for a visit!


One thought on “Greetings from Rima

  1. Nikki Herbst

    Rima, may you have many many years of shopping for appropriate dance shoes ahead of you! And not because you can’t find them, of course, but because you’ve worn them out at CDSS events. I look forward to meeting you at the upcoming Board meeting and then dancing with you at camp and/or local events here and there.
    Nikki Herbst
    Iowa City

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