A special thank you for Valley Gives Day

by Rima Dael, Executive Director

Karana says thanks and talks about CDSS

Hello CDSS Friends,

Thank you seems too small a phrase to capture the enormous sense of gratitude that we have for each and every dollar given to us during Valley Gives Day, 12-12-12. Beyond the donations to our work and arts-in-education programs, these gifts enabled us to be seen all day on the Leader Board and helped us to be seen by all Western MA donors, grant makers and corporate giving programs. The sponsoring foundations really liked what we do and showcased us in all their multimedia press, including their thank you video.

Beyond the fundraising goal of $4,500 for the day (which we almost doubled) we wanted to be sure we could leverage this day to better promote traditional dance, music and song and introduce ourselves to those outside our community. These are also some of the themes that our Centennial Planning task groups have raised in their projects.

CDSS’s totals for the day, within the pool of 125 “large” nonprofits, were $7,640 raised, with 116 unique donors. We placed 6th in number of unique donors and 18th in amount raised. (Final numbers, including donations that didn’t count in the 12/12/12 tally because they registered too early or too late: $8,029 raised and 118 unique donors.)

Thanks to the donors, board members, community volunteers and the Valley Gives Day initiative that made this all possible. Revisit our blogs from last week that showcase all the fun, media buzz and hard work for this fundraiser, such as the singing and dancing flash mobs.

In closing, here is CDSS’s thank you video that we’d like to share that many donors saw when they gave through Valley Gives.

Our heartfelt thanks to all!


P.S.  Valley Gives Day’s overall totals, raised by 264 large and small nonprofits, were $1,174,737 raised, with 6,646 unique donors and 10,606 donations.

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