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Class Descriptions


Music (0-3 with Parent) – Deirdre Murtha

The youngest campers will explore rhythms, rhymes, and language activities through fingerplays, simple songs, dances, creative movement, instrument play, and singing stories. From animals to trains, we’ll have fun making music all week with our caregiver and new friends!

StoryCrafts (4-6) – Beth Harvey

Come gather for stories, play party, songs, and craft! Each day we'll explore a central theme, anything from clay to castles, and create crafts and handwork pieces in line with our themes. We'll take home crafts by our hands reflecting stories in our hearts.

Longsword & Song (7-9) – Andy Davis

Andy will weave together an English longsword dance with singing and storytelling. Please bring voices, imaginations and shoes that will stay on your feet during a vigorous sword dance!p>

Squares (10-12) – Nils Fredland

Fun with squares and Nils! (More info coming soon...)

Teenz (13 & up) – Jonathan Van Gieson

Teens will guide this class in honing contra, English and waltz dance skills with rotating expert dance teachers. Facilitated by teen class veteran and expert teenager, Jon.

Rise & Shine English (13 & up) – Wendy Graham

From elegant to energetic, we'll start the day by exploring our English dance roots.

Camper-led classes (13 & up)


Calling Dances - English and American (13 & up) – Wendy Graham

Are you curious what it takes to call a dance or want to finesse your calling style? Get hands-on guidance, tricks, tips and tools during this highly interactive, participatory class. Whether you are a budding or a seasoned caller, everyone will build a useful callers toolkit.

Singing on the Porch & Crafts

Camper-led classes


Teen/Youth Chorus (9-25) – Emma Whitla

The course will be taught by ear and through reading simple musical scores. By learning folk songs from American, Georgian, and other world music traditions we will learn to develop melodies and add harmonies. We will also use rounds as tools for exploring harmonies and counterpoint. Integrating movement and music will help us to embody and have fun with the songs we learn. There will be some joint projects with the Communit Chorus.

Community Chorus (18 & up) – Alan Gasser

All ages welcome; songs with meaning, taught both by ear and in written scores. Learn how to hold your own, in various traditions - old gospel songs, spirituals, Seeger and beyond. Melody, plus high & low and bass.

Camper-led classes


Music & Dance (4-6) – Deirdre Murtha

Children will sing songs (finger plays, call and response, echo, solo/group), play with rhythm instruments and props, enjoy play parties, circle, partner, and line dances, creative dramatics, singing stories and games, all with a summer and nature theme.

Resourceful Adventure (7-9) – Beth Harvey

How many things can we create with limited resources? Let's adventure into what we can do with what is around us. From navigating, building, making supplies and tools, to dancing without music and creating fun. Using little external supplementing we'll expand what we can do on our own.

Morris (10-12) – Andy Davis

Bring a comfortable pair of shoes with laces for an intro to Northwest Processional Morris. This a rhythmic and very noisy form of clog morris that has intriguing figures and much camaraderie. We will also have some songs and stories. If you play an instrument, please bring it!

American - Cool Contras and Hot Squares (13 & up) – Nils Fredland

Camper-led classes (13 & up)


Camper-led classes


Community Band – Andy Davis

This longstanding Campers' Week tradition is open to all instruments and levels of ability. Andy will combine learning by ear with access to written music to engage everyone and their own learning style. The Community Band will be invited throughout the week to play for the afternoon Community Dances. Bring a favorite jig, reel, polka, march or waltz to share. This is your band!

Camper-led classes


Community Dance – Andy Davis

Each evening before Evening Gathering there is a dance for all ages in Ampleforth. For the younger children this is "the big dance." Everyone is encouraged to participate as a dancer or in the all-comers band. Longways sets, circles, squares and even easy contras come to life and ensure a future generation of enthusiastic dancers will continue these multi-generational traditions.

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