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Class Descriptions


Playtime Fun (2-3) – Daniel Friedman

Creative Crafts (4-5) – Katie Zukof

Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and dig in to create contemporary and traditional treasures, unleashing our creativity and sense of exploration. Bring along an oversized t-shirt to protect clothing from messy materials.

Rhythms and Folktales (6-7) – Mary Alice Amidon

We will explore fun rhythms with a percussion band as well as hear unknown stories from around the world. Jack tales, giants, faeries and adventures will carry us away each day.

BodyRhythm Team (8-9) – Matthew Olwell

Drawing on material and ideas from a variety of percussive dance traditions, this class will focus on fun and musicality. Creative problem-solving and group composition will serve as vehicles for physical and musical development and experimentation, and students will work together to create embodied musical experiences.

Social Dance (10-12) – Peter Amidon

Music by: Denis Liddy: Peter will lead the 10-12s in gravity-defying contra dancing, ineffably sublime English dancing, transcendent choreography, robustly angelic singing, and a folktale or two.

English Country Dance for All (13 & up) – Adina Gordon

Music by: Karina Wilson, Owen Morrison, Eric Schedler: Start your day with beautiful music and favorite dances from the 1600s to today. All are welcome as we explore dances we love, and the dances we’re about to love. Whether you’ve been dancing for minutes or decades, you’re welcome to join as we savor the dances and music together.

Clogging (13 & up) – Abby Ladin

Music by: Sam Bartlett: We'll start with basic rhythmic footwork, then build skills and combine steps. Modifiable for any level. If you need to be challenged we'll play with syncopation. Sam plays the banjo and who doesn't love that!


Playtime Fun - nature crafts (2-3) – Daniel Friedman

Songs and Stories (4-5) – Mary Alice Amidon

Mary Alice will share her favorite chants, finger plays, singing games and singing picture books with 4s and 5s. Come ready to sing and play together. We'll hear stories and act them out. Marching band included.

Crafts, Stories and Singing Games (6-7) – Jane Miller

During our busy and active class, we’ll sing, play singing games, tell stories and make craft projects. Bring your imaginations and playful spirits.

Ritual/Longsword (8-9) – Abby Ladin

Music by: Wade Bartlett

Molly Dance (10-12) – Katy German

Music by: Eric Schedler: Who knows how to have a good time? Bored 19th century ploughboys in midwinter, that's who! And boy, are we grateful to them coming up with this fun style of dance. Molly dancing is a living ritual dance tradition that started in England. Though the formations and figures are often similar to other Morris dance traditions, Molly dancing has a distinctively eccentric flare. Molly dancers are known for being creative, mischievous and rowdy, but generally harmless. Wardrobe items to bring: comfortable and supportive shoes, something that is solid black, and something that is wildly colorful or zany.

Tap Dance (History and Repertoire) (13 & up) – Matthew Olwell

Music by: Karina Wilson: This class will explore tap dance as a unique movement practice from the perspective of technique, improvisation, and historic repertoire. Through learning steps, watching footage, and discussing the cultural and historical context of tap, students will craft their own embodied musical experiences and question constructs of tradition through the lens of American percussive dance.

Contras and Squares (13 & up) – Adina Gordon

Music by: Sam Bartlett, Denis Liddy, Elvie Miller: Whether high energy or sweet groove is your thing, we’ll do it all in this class of American dances. Contras, squares, and maybe a few other formations will be part of this diverse hour. Anyone of any experience level is welcome to join!


Rest Time (0-99)

Open Art (All ages, under 10 with a parent) – Katie Zukof

We will have a wide variety of materials available for collage, mosaics, painting and coloring. In the second part of the week, we'll explore parade art supplies.

Mumming (8 & up) – Abby Ladin

We'll put together a rowdy ritual play with knights and fights, greed and good deeds, silly walks and chicken squawks, mirth, rebirth, and hero of great worth!

Community Chorus (8 & up) – Peter Amidon, Mary Alice Amidon

Singing by ear and from written music; a cappella and accompanied by guitar, banjo and piano, Peter and Mary Alice will lead campers in rafter shaking harmony singing of their favorite arrangements of old and new songs.

Woodcarving (10 & up) – Thomas German

Dance Band (10 & up) – Eric Schedler, Karina Wilson

Learn and play some great dance tunes while working on rhythm, arrangement, beginnings, endings, tune changes, and playing as an ensemble.

Callers’ Workshop (10 & up, younger with a parent) – Adina Gordon

Music by: Elvie Miller: This is a class for both current and interested callers of contra, square, and English country dances. Each day we’ll focus on different topics, which might include basic calling, walkthroughs, programming, working with musicians, and whatever you’re interested in. Class will include dancing, discussion, and plenty of practice time.


Stories and Stunts – Peter Amidon, Sam Bartlett

Short ditties, epic folktales, jokes, legends, poems, literary fragments and ballads with one of America’s best loved storytellers, Peter Amidon. The tales will be punctuated with indispensable japes, frolics, tomfoolery, buffoonery, shenanigans, skylarks, horseplay, and capering monkeyshine led by Pinewoods House Stuntologist Sam Bartlett.


Teen Class: Clogging & Polyrhythms (13-17) – Matthew Olwell, Owen Morrison

Beginning with footwork from American clogging and flatfooting, this class will explore multiple improvisation techniques to build layers of polyrhythm. Through the creation of our own phrases, we will find new ways to express individual musicality while improvising, "cyphering," and holding time.

Instrument Jam Sessions (10 & up) – see schedule for theme and leader

Musicians of intermediate and advanced level are welcome, willingness to pick up new tunes by ear is highly encouraged! Join a different staff musician each day to play tunes you love and learn new tunes. All sessions open to all instruments. Staff musicians will offer specific advice on their own instruments each day. Sunday: banjo; Monday: Irish fiddle; Tuesday: accordion; Wednesday: old-time fiddle (Karina); Thursday: piano/all-comers

Camper Offerings (sign language, a boat trip, nature walk, jam session, grandparent social hour at Pinecones, lawn games at the dining hall, whatever)

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