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Playtime for Little Campers (2-3) – Bettie Zakon-Anderson

This gentle playtime with Bettie will keep our youngest campers busy and happy!

Music and Dance (4-5) – Mary Alice Amidon

We will sing lots of great songs and learn chants and finger plays. We'll enjoy picture books of songs and play favorite singing games. Come have fun with Mary Alice.

Musical Playground (6-7) – Desiree Halcomb

We will enjoy making music together through singing, dancing, and instrument-playing. Singing games, play-parties, and folk dances will keep everyone moving, while pitched and unpitched percussion instruments will provide opportunities for ensemble playing (a.k.a jamming!). Campers will also enjoy creating musical settings of poems and stories.

Longsword (8-9) – Lily Leahy

Music by: Karen Axelrod: Come learn this exciting dance form from the north of England where campers will dance linked by wooden swords and learn how to make a star. We will get a chance to perform our dance in the Mummers Play at the end of the week!

Morris Dance (10-12) – John Mayberry

Morris Dancing is a kind of group dance that is originally from England. It involves learning some simple steps, some interesting patterns, and playing with rhythms. If you have never seen it before, it is sort of like a sport set to music -- a perfect activity for 10-12-year-olds because it is joyful and large, but can also be satisfyingly complicated, like a good game. You should wear comfy clothes, and shoes you can run and jump in. Sneakers are the best.

Back to Basics (13 & up) – Joanna Riener, Steve Zakon-Anderson

Music by: Keith Murphy, Becky Tracey: Come join Joanna and Steve, and some wonderful musicians, as we get back to the basics of both English country dancing and contra dancing. Whether you're a beginner and want to learn just exactly why you keep ending up in the wrong place, or you're a seasoned veteran and would like to polish up on the basics and add some style, this class will break down dance figures and feature them in dances that will progress in complexity as the week goes on. It will be a lovely way to start the morning!

Kirkby Malzeard Longsword (13 & up) – Laurie Cumming

Music by: Audrey Knuth: Never tried longsword before? This is the dance for you! You say you can longsword with your eyes tied behind your back? This is the sword dance for you! Quick-paced, challenging and elegant are some of the ways the dance from Kirkby Malzeard has been described. We will take time to learn and relax into the figures before we push our speed to maximum tempo. All campers 13-and-up are welcome. Bring comfortable, sturdy shoes as sandals are not recommended.


Making Music (2-3) – Rachel Bell

We will sing, clap, dance, and tell stories! We'll play drums, boomwhackers, egg shakers, and lots of other instruments! There will be counting and colors, rhyming and rhythm, rubber duckies and purple tambourines, story boards and folk songs. Your little one will feel right at home in this nurturing environment full of smiles, laughter, and creativity.

Creative Fun (4-5) – Bettie Zakon Anderson

The 4-5s will have a chance to relax and recharge with stories and fun crafty projects with Bettie.

Rhythm Band, Songs, and Stories (6-7) – Mary Alice Amidon

Mary Alice will bring lots of instruments for a band. We'll have fun accompanying songs and chants. We'll enjoy folktales with musical and dramatic interpretation.

Musical Jamboree (8-9) – Desiree Halcomb

Campers will enjoy exploring rhythm through activities using body-percussion and pitched and unpitched percussion instruments. Rhymes and simple songs will provide opportunities for improvising and composing, while singing games, play-parties, and folk dances will keep us all moving. We will also create a musical setting of a folktale.

Song and Dance (10-12) – Peter Amidon

Peter will lead 10-12s in vigorous contra dancing, stately English dancing, extraterrestrial choreography, celestial singing, and hypnotic folktales.

Contra (13 & up) – Steve Zakon-Anderson

Music by: Keith Murphy, Becky Tracey: A dance session with mostly contra dances, plus a few other shapes. There will be traditional favorites mixed with contemporary compositions, some new-fangled choreography, and a few dance tips snuck in for good measure, all to the most danceable music you can imagine.

Ontario Stepdance (13 & up) – Laurie Cumming

Music by: Audrey Knuth: The Mulligan Clog is a dance for all levels of experience. The steps in this dance come from Alec Mulligan of Bobcaygeon Ontario. The steps were collected from the logging camps where Alec spent his time as a young man. His Irish, Scottish, English, Quebecois and First Nations coworkers shared steps which Alec collected and adapted to create a style all his own. The music is jaunty, the steps are simple and you'll find it hard to keep a smile from your face as you enjoy fitting the steps to live music. Hard-soled shoes are best for this class.


Community Crafts (8 & up, 7 & younger w/parent) – Bettie Zakon Anderson

Come spend a relaxing time together while making a variety of projects using fibers, papers, and more.

Singing: Finding, Trying, and Practicing Harmonies (All ages, under 8 w/parent) – John Mayberry

Come spend a class doing some singing! The emphasis will be on learning some songs by ear, sharing songs with each other, exploring how to find harmonies, and experimenting and practicing with harmonies. People who are intimidated by the thought of singing in public are especially welcome, as well as those with more confidence who just want a chance to sing with other folks and try things out.

Experienced English (13 & up) – Joanna Reiner

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Rachel Bell: Once you’ve mastered the basics of English country dancing, your journey into this dance form has just begun. This class will not only explore dances with complex choreographies, but other areas of dance style and technique: how you dance, how you learn and retain dance instructions, dancing in concert with others, how you move differently in dances of different meters and in spaces of different size, and so much more. Knowledge of basic ECD figures is expected.


Family Band (8 & up, younger if passionate w/parent) – Audrey Knuth

Audrey will get us ready to play for the Community Dance each night. All abilities and instruments welcome! Get ready - you have a gig Sunday night!

Mummers Play (8 & up, younger if passionate w/parent) – Paddy Swanson

The artistic director of Revels will lead us in the creation of another spectacular mummers play. Join the troupe and play your part!

Dance Potpouri (All ages, under 10 w/parent) – various teachers

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Rachel Bell: Join us for an afternoon class of great variety! Each day a different genre of dance will be offered including Scottish, French, Couple dancing, and Bollywood! Listen for an announcement of each day's genre in Morning Gathering!


Teen Class (13-19) – Keith Murphy

Craftiness, singiness and mysteriousness. Teens will create a folkspacular performance of epic proportions. Bring safety pins, strong voices, paper bags and a sousaphone if you have one.

Games with Fynn! (All ages, under 8 w/parent) – Fynn Crooks

Join Fynn for her famous hilarious group games on the soccer field (in Ogontz Hall if wet).

Musicians Jam Time at the Green Chairs (8-12, 20 & up) – Becky Tracy

Join Becky at the green chairs for a pickup jam session where musicians can get a chance to learn and share tunes. All abilities welcome!

Harmony Singing (10-12, 20 & up) – Peter Amidon, Mary Alice Amidon

Peter will lead campers in sublime to rafter shaking harmony singing with choral arrangements of Anglo/American, and African American folk songs, spirituals, and songs written by people steeped in traditional music. Participants will be singing from written music as well as learning songs and harmonies by ear.


Stories at the Green Chairs – Peter Amidon

Every day Peter will tell a mix of folktales, true tales, poetry, poems set to music, ballads, and Snippets of Uncategorizable Literature.

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