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Daily Schedule


Songs Stories and Nature (2-3) – Jennie Kahly

Activities include plenty of free play and gentle exploratory activities. Our goal is to keep these young ones comfortable and happy. We will visit the resident Timber Ridge animals, make nature soup, draw our shadows, sing songs and do finger plays.

Stories, Games and Nature (4-6) – Leslie Jeanne Devine Milbourne

We will dance, read and create stories, play games, and explore the natural surroundings at camp.

Dulcimers, drums, and dances (7-9) – Rachel Bell

7-9-yr-olds will have a blast during this hands-on, action-packed hour each day. They will learn to play some tunes and to back themselves up singing some fun songs on dulcimers--- Appalachian string instruments that sound fantastic and are easy to play. Each day will also include creative percussion activities as well as a sampling of dances.

Dance On! (10-12) – Sue Hulsether

Music by: Andrew VanNorstrand, Noah VanNorstrand: Let's dance our heads off - contras, circles, squares, and crazy formations, as well as a few rhythm challenge games to keep us thinking.

Teen Class (13-17) – Sam Bartlett, Abby Ladin

You’ve been contra and social dancing for as long as you can remember, so now’s a perfect time for Rueda de Casino! Learn a new vocabulary of Cuban Salsa round dance figures that flow from partner to partner. Twisting turns, rhythmic footwork and moves called in random order will keep dancers on their toes. Joyful music inspires this dance form that will seem familiar yet new. During the week we’ll also visit fast-paced squares and patter calling. There will be a chance for teen musicians to play for dancers, and we’ll add some art into the mix! Watch Rueda de Casino here:

Experienced English Country Dance (18 & up) – Scott Higgs

Music by: Dave Wiesler, Josh Burdick, Aaron Marcus: Start each morning with inspiring music and fun dances that require some alertness and skill. For this session, "experienced" means that you can recover gracefully when things go awry, and that you'll enjoy this chance to explore new challenges. We'll dance a bit of everything, from the latest new compositions to old favorites from the 17th century.

English and American Dancing (18 & up) – Adina Gordon

Music by: John Devine, Eden MacAdam-Somer: All are welcome who want to enjoy English and American dances in a low-stress environment. We'll take the time to learn together and savor a selection of accessible dances.


Grow with the Flow! (2-3) – Leslie Jeanne Devine Milbourne

Songs, games, stories, and nature exploring! Guided activities will be woven into the energies, imaginations, and desires of young children.

American Music and Folktales (4-6) – Jess Eliot Myhre

We'll explore American music and folktales through songs, dances and art projects.

Sing, Dance, Laugh, Repeat (7-9) – Sue Hulsether

This class will take folk song and dance in all kinds of fun directions: dances, singing games, and more.

Movin' and Groovin' with Abby (10-12) – Abby Ladin

Singing, percussive dance, and learning to be a great dance partner are on the itinerary for our week together. Bring some hard-soled shoes if you have them. Check local second hand stores for inexpensive options (lace-up boy's oxfords work well for boys and girls).

Quick Teach Contras for Exp Dancers (13 & up) – Adina Gordon

Music by: Andrew VanNorstrand, Noah VanNorstrand, Rachel Bell: Less talk, more dancing! No walk-thrus, minimal walk-thrus, or simply talk-thrus so we can dance more and stand around less.

Morning Smorgasbord (13 & up) – Scott Higgs

Music by: John Devine, Josh Burdick, Aaron Marcus: A lavish banquet of delicious dances, to please every palate. The offerings will be primarily contra and English, with a scattering of couple dances. Accessible to all, selected dances feature special delights for experienced dancers to savor.

StoryLab: The Science of Wonder (18-99) – Ed Stivender

Analysis and Improvisation are the tools we will use to develop stories from Folklore, Fantasy and our Lives. Colleagues are invited to bring a piece to work on, instruments to accompany us, and a willingness to play. Optional performance at the end of the week.

Everyone Can Improvise (1st hour) (by registration) – Eden MacAdam-Somer


Swimming in the Pool (All ages, under 10 w/parent)

Camper Led Activities (All ages)

Nature Walk (All ages, under 10 w/parent) – Leslie Jeanne Devine Milbourne

Wander and wonder as we explore the infamous fossil pit, the woods, the trees, and the beautiful and peaceful Cacapon River.

Puzzlers' Assembly: community printmaking (All ages, under 8 w/parent) – Leslie Sudock

This year we'll channel some of the marvelous community energy we create in camp every summer into collaborative printmaking in Community Art. Inspired by Henri Matisse's famous collection of collage prints in the first "artist's book," Jazz (1947), we'll work individually and in groups to create collage and jigsaw-puzzle prints with a variety of tools and pressing equipment. We can work abstractly (like Matisse), narrate stories, create group portraits, or illustrate a few of our favorite dances. Time permitting, we might even try binding our prints into our own books.


American Song Traditions (All ages) – Jess Eliot Myhre

Songs and styles from lots of different American folk traditions - old time, bluegrass, shape note, gospel, swing, blues.

Couple Dance Playshop (13 & up) – Scott Higgs

Music by: Dave Wiesler, John Devine, Rachel Bell: A potpourri of joyful, accessible couple dances. The playshop format focuses on learning by doing -- we'll maximize the music and dancing, and minimize detailed teaching. Each day, you'll get a taste of several different styles, ranging from the elegant to the delightfully dizzying. Come ready to try something new and fun.

Play Tunes with Noah – Noah VanNorstrand

If you're like us, you love dancing to Noah's playing! Now you have the opportunity to play tunes with Noah yourself.

Theater of Moving Objects Art (8 & up) – Sam Bartlett

Using paper, wood, tape, staples, paint and string, we will create a spectacle of moveable, parade-able artwork, including masks and puppets.


Rapper Sword Dancing (13 & up) – Kappy Laning

Music by: Josh Burdick: Rapper sword originated in England in the late 1800's. 5-7 dancers are connected to each other with flexible metal "swords" (not swords at all, just similar in length and figures that likely originated from much older longsword figures) and dance to jig step creating figures involving weaving the swords together. Throughout the week we will explore enhancing rapper stepping and putting figures together to create a fun and dynamic dance. All levels welcome.

Old Time Jam w/Abby & Sam – Sam Bartlett, Abby Ladin

Sam is a master of finding a common repertoire among differently skilled musicians and Abby holds down the rhythm on the bass. Bring your instruments, tune lists and songs and we'll bring ours.

American & English Dance Calling (13 & up) – Adina Gordon

Music by: Dave Wiesler, Andrew VanNorstrand, Aaron Marcus: This is a class for both current and interested callers of contra, square, and English country dances, and for dancers who want more dancing and are curious what callers think about. Each day we'll focus on different topics: basic calling, walkthroughs, programming, working with musicians, and more. Class will include discussion, dancing to the incredible music of Dave Wiesler, Aaron Marcus and Andrew von Norstrand, and plenty of practice time.

Everyone Can Improvise (2nd hour) (by registration) – Eden MacAdam-Somer

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