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Kids' by-age Classes


Music and Movement (0-3 with Parent) – Deirdre Murtha

The youngest campers and their caregivers will enjoy fingerplays, instrument play (eggs, sticks, bells, drums, and more), tickle songs, bounces, dances (circle, marching, creative movement), scarf, puppet, and parachute play, musical stories, and of course, singing, mostly geared around the summer season. The class will involve listening, turn taking with an adult, lots of silliness, hugs, and fun!

Art Meets Music (4-6) – Robin Davis

In Robin's class we will meet at the crossroads where folk songs intersect with art. Along the way will be games and stories to delight. Dress to get messy and have fun!

Sword Dancing (7-9) – Andy Davis

Andy will weave together an English longsword dance with singing and storytelling. Please bring voices, imaginations and shoes that will stay on your feet during a vigorous sword dance!

Ritual Dancing and Crafts (10-12) – Sarah Henry

Sarah will offer the 10-12s a fun mix of lively ritual dances - and maybe a chance to write our own! A special craft project will keep our fingers as busy as our feet.


Dance, Sing and Make Music (4-6) – Deirdre Murtha

These young campers will enjoy fingerplays, counting songs, musical stories and games, call and response and echo songs, instrument play, scarf and parachute play, and dances of all kinds (circle, play parties, simple line, creative movement), mostly geared around the summer season, animals, insects, and birds. These campers will sing as a group, as a solo, use their imagination in songs, take turns, be a leader, follow directions, and role-play musical characters. In short, we will have a busy, active, fun week!

Appalachian Dance and Song (7-9) – Hannah Naiman

We are going to take a trip to the mountains! We'll learn playparty games, dances, and songs from the south. Bring your dancing shoes and your yodelling voices!

Chestnuts & More (10-12) – Andy Davis

Andy’s emphasis with this group will be on helping the class make creative choices together. Andy will bring a mix of New England classic contras (’chestnuts’), a chance to put on a short play, and a variety of songs and stories to explore.

Daily All-Camp Activities:

10:15-11:00: Morning Gathering – David Merleau

Come together for the morning report! We'll dance a few rousing community dances, share a few stories and songs, and then off we go to swim and carry on!

7:00-7:30: Community Dance – Andy Davis

Come join us for an unplugged, fun-filled half hour of singing games and simple dances for dancers of every age.

7:30-8:25: Evening Gathering – Jon Van Geison

Every evening, the camp gathers to share wonderful inclusive songs, stories, poems, jokes and tunes in the camphouse. This is a special time to dazzle the whole camp, including our youngest audience members, before they are serenaded off to bed. All are welcome to perform! Think about what you may like to share!

8:30-11:00: Evening Dance Party – Wendy Graham, David Macemon, plus Camper band and guest callers

A mix of American and English dances for all, 9 and older! All are welcome to join the band (led by Kathy Talvitie). Campers will have a chance to try their skills as dance callers as well in some of the open-caller slots each night!

11:00: After-dance Activities

Join us in the camphous each night for a variety of different scheduled, and spontaneous activities! We always enjoy our skit night, live auction, pub sing, and of course just good old fashioned hanging about!

Staff-led and pre-scheduled adult classes

*Note: all class periods are open to Camper-led classes.


English for All (13 & up) – Dave Macemon

English dance is a broader umbrella than many people think. There are community / barn dances, traditional Playford dances, Sharp's interpretations of Playford, and many, many recently choreographed dances. We'll explore dances under this umbrella that are accessible to all, while still being interesting to more experienced dancers. A fun time will be had by all.


Calling Contra Dances (13 & up) – Wendy Graham

Are you curious what it takes to call a dance or want to finesse your calling style? Get hands-on guidance, tricks, tips and tools during this highly interactive, participatory class. Whether you are a budding or a seasoned caller, everyone will build a useful callers toolkit.

Singing on the Porch & Crafts


Teens (13-17) – Jon Van Geison

Although Camper's Week has many "teens at heart", teen class is for ages 13-17. In class, teens will hone their skills as they learn songs and dances. Outside of class, teens are encouraged to share their skills and talents, and to contribute to the whole camp experience. They will also have the opportunity volunteer as class assistants for children's classes throughout the week.

Harmony Singing Class (18 & up) – Val Mindel

We'll sing a lot – mostly songs from the southern American harmony repertory, along the way learning some of the conventions and strategies that make this music so engaging. You'll have opportunities to sing one on a part and with "shadow" buddies as well as in a group, and delve into the mysteries of blend, ornamentation, lead singing and other issues as time allows. Everything is "by ear," with word sheets provided.


American - Cool Contras and Hot Squares (13 & up) – Wendy Graham

Spicy and spirited contras and squares for one and all.


Rapper (13 & up) – Dave Macemon

Rapper is an exciting, fast paced ritual sword dance from northern England. We will learn stepping, both traditional and newly created figures, and put together dances. Bring hard-soled shoes if you have them and get ready for some great dancing!

Community Band – Val Mindel

All instrumentalists with basic skills are welcome in this folk band. We'll learn tunes by ear from a variety of traditions with the aim of playing a set for the community dance. If you know your way around your instrument and are somewhat flexible in terms of keys you'll have a grand time. The class will learn tunes fairly quickly, so a recording device of some sort will come in handy.

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