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All-Camp Chorale – the singing staff

The morning chorale brings the entire camp together to start the day with a 75 minute singing session where our diverse singing staff take turns leading harmony songs both by ear and from written music. The material will range from easy and fun to more challenging (and still fun!) A big sing at the end of the week will be a review of the highlights of this session. The repertoire may include English chorus songs, Spirituals, Shape-note songs, Early Music, African choral music, and newly-written songs.


Contras and Squares – Nils Fredland

Music by: Ethan Hazzard-Watkins, Nicholas Williams, Owen Morrison Spend the week dancing your way through the broad and rich repertoire of traditional American social dancing. Contras, Squares, and more! Nils will make sure that everyone - from the newest to the most nimble - feels welcome on the dance floor, and engaged by the selection of dances.

English Dance – Sue Rosen

Music by: Anna Patton, Dave Wiesler, Eden MacAdam-Somer We will explore the wide range of wonderful English country dances from the traditional barn dance to the treasured Playford repertoire and the latest gems from both sides of the pond. With glorious music, we'll have fun and dance beautifully.

Intro to American & English Dance – Peter Amidon

Music by: Bruce Rosen, Betsy Branch We will do a succession of dances that will teach the fundamentals of contra and English country dancing so that you can enjoy more deeply the evening dances and dancing in your community. The focus is always on musicality, flow, and good choreography. This is a great class both for beginning dancers, and for experienced dancers interested in a feast of tips, techniques and repertoire for teaching dance.


Singing on the Porch

Come sing along or bring a song to share in this informal session of chorus songs, well-known folk and popular songs, and more!

as scheduled

Vocal Technique Mini-Lessons – Cristi Catt

Enjoy 20 minutes of attention to your singing voice - entirely tailored to your specific needs and interests. You may want to explore your range, find more ease in using your voice the way you want to, or address a specific issue. Mini-lessons will be offered at various times of day, by sign-up. Campers also have to option to sign up for a 2-person lesson. This is for singers with ANY level of experience.


Creating Partner Connection – Tresne Hernandez

Music by: Ethan Hazzard-Watkins, Dave Wiesler How can I improve my partner dancing? How do I express the music with my dancing? You will find answers to these questions in this class! Through waltz, east coast swing, and engaging exercises, this class will give you insight into how to make your dance connections more delightful, satisfying, and (dare I say it) connected.

Madrigals of the Renaissance – Eden MacAdam-Somer

Madrigals are songs for several voices, often centered around themes of love, nature, or death. In this class, we'll hone in on rhythmic details, dynamics, phrasing, ensemble work, and building reading skills, all while reveling in the beautiful sounds of these works.

English Traditional Folksong – John Roberts

Various scholars have "divided up" English folksong according to subject matter, in categories that are rarely mutually exclusive. We'll take a look at some agricultural songs, industrial songs, narrative ballads, sea songs (chanteys and forebitters), occupational songs in general, "joke" songs, songs being written "in the tradition," and anything else we can think of as time allows. Many will have choruses, so bring your voice with you.

American Duets and Trios – Mia Bertelli

Explore the nuanced possibilities of duo and trio singing! The magic of singing in a small group is unlike any other, and holds a wealth of delicious possibility because no two voices are the same, and no harmonies are set in stone. We’ll draw from several American stylistic traditions and their accompanying techniques, and play with blending, rhythm and phrasing, vowel shape, vocal tone, thoughtful ornamentation, and close listening to build comfort singing one on a part and navigating the terrain of small group harmony with courage, inspiration, and sensitivity. We will primarily learn set harmonies but there can be room for playing with variations on those if there is interest.

Swing Harmony Singing – Anna Patton

Come sing harmony arrangements of songs from the swing era as well as contemporary pieces in the swing and blues idioms. The ensemble will work on blend and precision in close harmonies in the style of groups like the Andrews Sisters and Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross. We will also spend some time working on aural skills and playing with chord progressions. Recommended for singers who like a challenge, and who either read music or have quick ears. We will work up a few songs to sing for swing and blues dancing!

Musicians Workshop – Nicholas Williams

Playing with texture - less notes, more sounds. This workshop is geared to musicians who are interested in exploring ways to create varied palette of musical accompaniment, whether playing for a dance, backing up a singer, or just for fun. We’ll explore interplay within a musical ensemble, and learning how to trust your ears. Open to all instruments and skill levels.

Traditional Dance for Music Teachers & Community Leaders (Pre-registration) – Peter Amodon


Morris Dance for All – Alex Cumming

Music by: Emily Troll Join Alex as he guides you through the basics of the fabulous English dance tradition of Cotswold Morris. We will look at a few styles including the Bampton Hanky dances and Adderbury Stick Dances, there may been be a chance to create your own too!

Social Songs – John Roberts

If there's one thing that defines folk songs above all others, it's that they're meant for sharing. So come and spend an hour each day with songs that go well with social gatherings and celebrations, and are often an important part of them: songs that are sung for the sheer enjoyment of the music and the company. They say people are happier when they sing - and there's a hypothesis we can attempt to prove.

Practice Session for All Camp Chorale – Dave Wiesler

This session is a time to go over any of the All Camp Chorale music that you are finding challenging. There may also be time for sight reading tips and a bit of ear training. Enjoy getting deeper into the repertoire by working on it at a relaxed pace.

The Choral Project – Nils Fredland

Nothing knits a group of singers together like engaging in the work of bringing a challenging choral piece to life. We will spend the week focused on two large-scale works - one classical and one contemporary - exploring beyond the notes to make some great music. All levels welcome, but music-reading is necessary.

Accompanying Songs and Tunes on the Guitar – Owen Morrison

This class will explore ideas and concepts for accompanying songs and fiddle tunes. Amongst bits of music theory, technique and finesse, we will find little things you can do to give each song or tune a little more power. We'll cover a sampling of approaches, both with a pick and without, that can lend variety to a set of music. Although there will be some guitar specific instruction, other accompanists are welcome to join.

Yiddish Folk Song – Eden MacAdam-Somer

Eden will share her passion for the tradition of Yiddish song, from its folk roots in Eastern Europe to musical theater in New York. We'll work with field recordings and lyric sheets, learning a bit about the history as we go. Students are welcome to bring a notebook and a recording device.

Traditional Dance for Music Teachers & Community Leaders (Pre-registration) – Peter Amodon

Music by: Ethan Hazzard-Watkins


Blues Dance – Tresne Hernandez

Music by: Owen Morrison, Mia Bertelli, Anna Patton Blues dance is a collection of dances done to blues music, and has a rich history spanning over a hundred years. It was born in African-American communities across the United States. In this class, you will learn the blues dance aesthetic, as well as some of the incredible variety of blues movements. You will also learn different tools to connect with the music and each other.

Medieval Folk Roots – Cristi Catt

Singers are invited to join Cristi Catt to explore songs that have slipped in and out of oral and written traditions over the centuries. We will sing French folk songs with medieval roots and medieval French songs with folk roots as well as the lovely cantigas de amigo, love songs of Vigo thought lost forever but discovered in a Madrid bookshop in 1914. The group will create new arrangements of these melodies through singing together.

4-Part English Folksong – Alex Cumming

Join Alex in a fun journey through English folk song in 4 part harmony. We will look at some of Cecil Sharp's first collected songs in Somerset, an arrangement by Alex’s band The Teacups, some fun three and four part rounds and maybe even sing a tune for dance! Friendly workshop open to all.

Global Village Community Chorus – Nicholas Williams

We will take a harmonious vocal romp across the globe, with an itinerary that includes singing traditions from South Africa, Quebec, Eastern Europe, England, France, and Georgia. All songs will be taught mainly by ear, and will be accessible to singers of all skill levels.

Beg/Int Banjo – John Roberts

We will cover the basics of frailing, including "drop-thumb," aiming at learning a few tunes in melodic clawhammer style. We'll learn several different tunings to play some old-timey tunes in this style, and also look at examples of how the techniques may be used for song accompaniments.

Uke for Joy! – Nils Fredland

No experience necessary, but you will need to provide your own instrument, tuned G-C-E-A. The class will build the skills of beginner to intermediate ukulele players, with a focus on learning through playing songs! Essential chords and strumming patterns, choosing the right key for your voice, and discovering the therapeutic aspects of playing one of the happiest instruments on the planet. (AND we'll learn the necessary skill of sitting on the Long Pond dock while dangling your toes in the water and playing your favorite water-themed ditty...).

Intermediate Fiddle – Betsy Branch

If you have good basic skills on fiddle, but want to learn some techniques that will enhance your abilities as a dance fiddler, this is a great class for you. We can tailor the class to the needs of the group, but there will be especial focus on making tunes danceable, and on making sure that you are using your body in the most efficient way so as not to injure yourself. We will learn several tunes by ear in the course of the week.


Open Sessions

Staff and campers are invited to offer 'one-off' sessions during this time.

Harmony Singing by Ear – Betsy Branch

Learn tools to create your own harmonies. We will learn some basic music theory, and create lots of human chords. We will learn songs from a variety of traditions, and work as a class on coming up with harmony ideas for the songs. We will also practice some different approaches to creating harmony. All are welcome----no music reading or previous music theory knowledge required.

Singers Yoga – Cristi Catt

Learn to sing with your whole body, combining motion and vocalization. Yoga can open and strengthen the body, balance and energize the breath, cultivate an awareness of the use and release of tension, and quiet the mind. We will use motion to find and remember specific paths that lead to feeling more open and balanced when singing. No experience with Yoga necessary.

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