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Advanced ECD Pat Shaw: Here, There, and Everywhere – Robert Moir

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Eric Martin, Chris Rua We shall explore the dances of Pat Shaw, being aware of his enthusiasm tempered with dedication. We shall aim to balance dance quality with dealing with the complexity of the figures. This session will encompass Pat's own dances and music as well as some of his researched dances from the 17th and 18th centuries.

ECD for All: Harmony in Motion – Robin Hayden

Music by: Jean Monroe, Mary Lea Throughout the week, while dancing some of the loveliest and liveliest dances in the classic and contemporary English country repertoire, we'll look at techniques for understanding and improving the way we move and thus the way we express ourselves within this idiom, individually, as partners, and as a set. The program, while accessible to newer dancers, will offer distinct and satisfying challenges to any lifelong learner.

Advanced Clog – Lucy Huzzard

Music by: Doug Creighton We will begin with a set of 3/2 hornpipe steps, exploring these popular tunes from the North East and unusual clog rhythms. We will also work on the fabulous Lily of Laguna steps - a mix of English clog steps and tap style, incorporating a fun use of space! And we will challenge ourselves as advanced dancers, building on what we already know to improvise and flex our creativity, individually and as a group.


ECD for All: Pat Shaw’s Legacy – Robert Moir

Music by: Jean Monroe, Chris Rua Friends and followers of Pat Shaw and his legacy today. As well as dances written for Pat, there will be a wide variety of compositions by those who have followed in his footsteps in the UK and Europe.

Cotswold Morris for All – Gillian Stewart

Music by: Doug Creighton

Cowper Family Waltz Clog for All – Lucy Huzzard

Music by: Alex Cumming We will learn the basics of English clog, going through common steps, motifs and style. We will learn the charming Cowper Family waltz steps, collected in 1983 from Marrion Cowper, who taught in Cumbria in the footsteps of her father and grandfather. We will also exercise our choreography skills with a jig Lucy learnt as a child that she knows only as the 'Fox and Geese jig,' and have a go at writing a few steps ourselves with what we've learnt. Suitable for anyone with a sense of rhythm! Wear clogs/other hard soled shoes.

English Dance Leaders Course (Pre-registration) – Joanna Reiner

Music by: Kathy Talvitie


Gathering – Lisa Greenleaf


ECD for All: Theme and Variations – Joanna Reiner

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Eric Martin In the world of English dancing, there are so many things that keep dancers coming back week after week, and day after day. And there are reasons why it's hard to name just one dance as your favorite. On each class day, we'll explore a different category of dances people love. Themes may include: new dances, triple time dances, no walk-through dances, energetic dances, reconstructions, etc.

Advanced ECD: Pat Shaw: Stretching the Boundaries – Robert Moir

Music by: Kathy Talvitie, Mary Lea This will be an opportunity for dedicated dancers to sample some of Pat Shaw's "essentially connoisseurs' dances". We shall be looking for the sublime in some of his more challenging dances though always bearing in mind his enthusiastic inventiveness linked to the need for empathetic performance.

Rapper (2 classes, by level) – Lucy Huzzard, Gillian Stewart

Music by: lydia ievins, Alex Cumming Rapper is fast, furious, and fabulously fun. If you've ever wanted to tie yourself into knots in a musical manner whilst linked to four of your closest friends by pieces of sprung steel, all while keeping within the space confines of a typical British pub, look no further. This class will offer campers the opportunity to learn new figures, explore dance choreography, and sharpen stepping technique. Bring hard-soled shoes and an interest in trying something new- whatever your experience level! Lucy and Gillian will co-teach the first class, then divide folks into sets based on experience, interest, and dance level for the remainder of the session.


Contras & Squares: Afternoon Delights – Lisa Greenleaf

Music by: Kathy Talvitie, Eric Martin, lydia ievins What could be better than dancing to great music in a beautiful open air pavilion? This workshop features a fine selection of contras and squares with an emphasis on good connection and skillful style.

ECD for All: For Those Who Want to Know – Robin Hayden

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Chris Rua These are the dances you know you want to know: the gems of our repertoire. Attend class, and you'll be ready for the "for those who know" dances at the start of each evening. Beginners will learn the dance patterns and more experienced dancers will work on some of the subtle refinements that make these dances so beloved.

Longsword for All – Gillian Stewart

Music by: Doug Creighton Hailing from the north of England, longsword is stately, graceful, and surprisingly athletic. This class will teach one of the dances performed by Orion Longsword; dances which incorporate traditional longsword figures and stylistic elements into modern choreography. Open to all levels of experience, please wear supportive shoes with good tread (eg, sneakers).

English Dance Leaders Course (Pre-registration) – Joanna Reiner


Open Mic – Robin Hayden

Music by: Jean Monroe, lydia ievins Come one and all! Callers and dancers are all welcome to play their part in this network of mutual support for dance leaders of all levels of experience, including anyone wishing to step up to the mic for the first time. Our focus will be on striving for a satisfying experience for all -- success for the caller, comfort for the musicians, joy for the dancers, and pride among assembled leaders at each other's accomplishments and growth. This is decidedly not a forum for trying out challenging or new-to-you-and-us repertoire: we will instead work towards the best possible presentation of dances we know well. Callers will receive structured feedback in a supportive environment.

Musicians workshop – Mary Lea

Band class will be an opportunity for musicians to explore classic and recently-composed English country dance tunes of differing meters, moods and keys. We'll focus on danceability, phrasing, harmony and arrangement ideas, and if time and space permit, can try some ensemble playing. There isn't time to teach tunes by ear so a reading knowledge of music (or a very quick ear) and more than basic proficiency on your instrument will be necessary.

Yoga – Emma Conroy

Dancing all day and all night takes its toll on the body. In our daily yoga sessions, I will draw on a variety of techniques and traditions to create classes particular to the needs of whoever shows up - so please join us! My aim is to bring comfort and ease to perhaps achy bodies, while helping you build the strength that will support your daily activity and dancing.

Songs on the Porch – Alex Cumming

Do you have a song you just can't wait to sing? A chorus song you love hearing harmonies too? An old gem that you would love to bring back? Or do you just want to sit back and be entertained? Then come along to an informal sing on the porch. Each day will feature a different theme including Death & Distruction, Love, Lust & Loveliness, Booze & Bemusment, and more. Open to all singers, hair brush divas, part time yodelers and those who want to listen.

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