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Playtime Fun (2-3): Hope Tarter

Mornings will be lots of fun, with games, crafts, songs, and explorations. We have a lovely cabin porch as our class space for the day. As weather permits, we may also venture out to enjoy the natural setting of camp.

Sing, Dance, and Explore (4-5): Deirdre Murtha

Children will sing songs, play with rhythm instruments and props, do play parties, circle, partner, and line dances, and play musical games, all with a summer and nature theme. They will explore their unique voices, play with rhythm, improvise melodies, and have a great time singing and dancing with friends!

Darn Good Dancing! (6-7): Jody Kruskal

Music by: Elvie Miller: Exciting dances, fun songs, tricky games and perhaps a surprise.

Mummers Play (8-9): Abby Ladin

We'll put together a rowdy ritual play with knights and fights, greed and good deeds, silly walks and chicken squawks, mirth, rebirth, and hero of great worth!

Morris and Country Dance Mash Up (10-12): Gillian Stewart

Music by: Claudio Buchwald: Let's look at some dance traditions, appreciate them for what they offer, and mash them up to create something new! Over the course of the week we'll work up a new and unique mash-up and debut it at the end of the week Morris Tour.

American Squares (13 & up): Susan Michaels

Music by: Sam Bartlett, Karina Wilson:

Falling in Love with English Dance (beginning ECD) (13 & up): Dorothy Cummings

Music by: Jonathan Jensen, lydia ievins: People who do English country dance regularly really seem to love it . . . but why? This session for dancers new to ECD takes on the question "What's in it for me?" and offers possible answers day by day with: The metric system. Great formations. It figures (heys and more). The tune's the thing. Olde classics and modern treasures.


Nap, rest, snore, recharge, dream (99 & under)

Open Art Table (All ages (under 10 w/parent)): Katy German

A variety of art supplies will be avaiable, as well as some project ideas. Campers are welcome to contribute bits and bobs to the array. In the second half of the week we'll pull out some special parade puppet puppet and art materials.

Community Art! – Make Your Own Instruments (All ages (under 10 w/parent)): Jody Kruskal

Horns, harps, oboes, thumb pianos, and more. All materials provided. Perform in the band and take your new instruments home after camp.

Marble Machines (6 & up): Claudio Buchwald

Community Chorus (8 & up): Deirdre Murtha

Come raise your voice in chorus! All ages can join in singing everything from stirring gospel to rousing sea chanteys, in unison and harmony, both by ear and with written music. Participants will also have the chance to lead songs.

Slow Groove (beginner level jam) (10 & up, younger w/parent): Karina Wilson

Dance Band Musicality and Repertoire (Intermediate and up): lydia ievins, Jonathan Jensen


Storytime Fun (2-3): Hope Tarter

This is a sweet time of the day when we're waking up from our rests. We'll begin this hour with some good story books and focused activities. I look forward to sharing some of my favorite books with you. If you have favorite picture books you'd like to share, please bring them!

Dancing with Friends (4-5): Jody Kruskal

Let's become bees. We'll learn to fly and pollinate our flower friends. Singing, crafts and a show.

Folk Stories and Drama (6-7): Deirdre Murtha

Children will enjoy improv games, acting out Aesop's fables, and classic folktales, such as Anansi, The Bremen Town Musicians, and Stone Soup. They will use different voices, movements, and expressions, as well as simple costumes and props, to tell an effective story!

Longsword (8-9): Gillian Stewart

Music by: Aidan Murphy: Come learn a new longsword dance! Originally from Northern England, longsword links dancers up with wooden swords that are eventually used to make a star. Our dance will be a critical plot point in the mummers play at the end of the week!

Percussive Dance (10-12): Abby Ladin

Music by: Sam Bartlett: Singing, percussive dance, and learning to be a great dance partner are on the itinerary for our week together in the pines. Bring some hard-soled shoes if you have them. Check local 2nd hand stores for inexpensive options (lace-up boy's oxfords work well for boys and girls).

Afternoon Contras (13 & up): Susan Michaels

Music by: Karina Wilson, Claudio Buchwald:

The Many Moods of Pat Shaw (all level ECD) (13 & up): Dorothy Cummings

Music by: Jonathan Jensen, lydia ievins: Dubbed "the 20th-Century Dancing Master" by admiring contemporaries, Patrick Noel Shuldham-Shaw (1917-1977) blended deep grounding in traditional music and dance with serendipitous innovation. He created scores of original English country dances and reconstructed an array of historical dances that remain well-regarded and popular today. This class will explore a sampling of Pat Shaw's repertoire and a few dances by choreographers that he influenced.


Stories and Poems (99 & under): Susan Michaels

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for the Guiness Book of World Records? Well, you're in luck! Susan had some great adventures during her time working there, and you're gonna want to hear about some of her most unbelievable and hillarious experiences. This is also an opportunity for storytelling campers to share a favorite story or poem!


Jam with Sam (10 & up): Sam Bartlett

*Special offerings*

Teens (13-19): Gillian Stewart

We will look at team-building and leadership...starting with rapper dancing. Tangle up your teammates with flexible metal swords at breakneck speed, then take a breather to learn some pub songs and talk about how to become leaders in your community.

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