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Music and Movement (0-3 with Parent) – Kathy Reid-Naiman

Our youngest campers and their parents will start their day sharing songs, fingerplays, knee bounces and dances. We will play with sticks, shakers, bells and drums. Parents are welcome to share their favourite songs too.

Once Upon an Art Class (4-6) – Andrea Cooper

We will be immersed in stories, songs, and art, not necessarily in that order!

Sword Dance and Crafts (7-9) – Sarah Henry

Sarah will lead the us in the ancient art of English longsword dancing, blending teamwork, patterns, and music, with lots of room for our own creativity. A special craft project is in store as well!

Contras and Squares (10-12) – Bill Wellington

Campers will take their social dancing to a new level as Bill will use contras to show how to give weight, dance to the phrase as well as the beat, and maximize the enjoyment of the entire dance experience. Bill will also "unteach" bad habits (such as swinging sideways) that many children develop as the result of having danced with older, larger people their whole lives. As a reward for their progress Bill will end each class with a magical folk tale.

English for All (13 & up) – Dave Macemon

English dance is a broader umbrella than many people think. There are community / barn dances, traditional Playford dances, Sharp's interpretations of Playford, and many, many recently choreographed dances. We'll explore dances under this unbrella that are accessible to all, while still being interesting to more experienced dancers. A fun time will be had by all.

Camper-led classes (13 & up)


Callers Symposium (13 & up) – Kathy Anderson

Basic calling skills for those who'd like to give it a try, with feedback from those with experience, all in a supportive atmosphere.

Singing on the Porch & Crafts

Camper-led classes


Teens (13-17) – Jon Van Geison, Hannah Naiman

Although Camper's Week has many "teens at heart", teen class is for ages 13-17. In class, teens will hone their skills as they learn songs and dances. Outside of class, teens are encouraged to share their skills and talents, and to contribute to the whole camp experience. They will also have the opportunity volunteer as class assistants for children's classes throughout the week. This year, to top it all off, the class will create and perform a short play.

Harmony Singing Class (18 & up) – Alan Gasser

Songs taught both by ear and from written scores. Learn how to hold your own, in various traditions - old gospel songs, spirituals, Seeger and beyond. There is a part for every range!

Camper-led classes


Dance, Sing and Make Music (4-6) – Kathy Reid-Naiman

Our afternoon class will be filled with song and dance. There will be singing games, circle dances, songs familiar and new, rhythm instruments and much more!

Stories and Song (7-9) – Bill Wellington

We will sing folk songs, participate in play-party games, hear and tell stories, and dance folk dances. The class will focus on call-and-response, finding and keeping the beat, and having fun as a group. Campers will also cooperate in some story-theatre activities with the goal of presenting a folk tale as a group for a community gathering.

All Ritual, All the Time (10-12) – TBD

Morris dancing, song singing, game playing, sound making! Oh, and did we mention the surprises? Because those are important too! Join Jeremy each day for some energetic, musical fun. Bring shoes you can jump around in!

American Dance (13 & up) – Kathy Anderson

From the traditional to the most up-to-date dance compositions, intriguing squares and contras for teens and adults.

Camper-led classes (13 & up)


Swimming & Spontaneity, Bookstore staffed


Rapper (13 & up) – TBD

Rapper is an exciting, fast paced ritual sword dance from northern England. We will learn stepping, both traditional and newly created figures, and put together dances. Bring hard-soled shoes if you have them and get ready for some great dancing!

Camper-led classes

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