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Songs Stories and Nature (2-3) – Leslie Jeanne Devine Milbourne

We will explore the wonders and mysteries of nature through sensory activities, songs, stories and games.

Art Meets Song (4-6) – Robin Davis

Every day we will do an art project that ties into the songs and singing games we will learn throughout the week. Prepare to get messy!

Movin' and Groovin' with Music and More (7-9) – DeLaura Padovan

Dance Song and Story (10-12) – Andy Davis

Andy will fine tune dance skills with the goal of introducing some unique repertoire at the evening dances. There will be some harmony singing, instrument playing and, no doubt, a wild story or two woven through the week.

Teen Class (13-17) – Ellie Grace, Kelly Bosworth

This class celebrates the unrivaled fun of teens joining together through games, singing, dancing, body percussion, and other mystery adventures. There may be unexpected and ridiculously impressive appearances by this group about camp, but that is obviously top secret.

Dances in the Playhouse w/Adina (18 & up) – Adina Gordon

Begin your day with welcoming dances, both American and English, accessible to everyone. We’ll explore each dance and find the place where music, dance, and our own personal style meet for maximum enjoyment.

Experienced English Country Dance (18 & up) – Erik Weberg

More dancing, less teaching! We'll assume knowledge of common ECD figures and geography so we can focus more on doing fun and interesting dances. Expect both moderately challenging dances and familiar dances with little or no teaching.


Musical Explorations (2-3) – DeLaura Padovan

Mystery Box, Songs, and Nature (4-6) – Leslie Jeanne Devine Milbourne

We will discover the natural world through songs and stories, and getting outdoors. Inside we will create a nature mystery box for the wonderful treasures we find.

Let’s Put on a Show! (7-9) – Andy Davis

Beginning with a story, tall tale or legend Andy and the class will combine drama, music and dance to make it come alive. Bring an instrument if you play one - and your imagination. The presentation at week's end will feature the interests and skills of the class.

Singing and Such (10-12) – Kelly Bosworth

We will explore our own musical identities in a safe and supportive peer group. Learn more about the structure of song and gain confidence in the skills and strengths you bring as a musician and a community member. Depending on group interest, we may spend extra time developing our songwriting, ear training, music theory, and harmonizing chops.

Experienced American Dance (13 & up) – Adina Gordon

Ready for a challenge? We’ll assume you’re solid in the basics and want to expand your dance frontiers. Come dance contras & squares to befuddle, entertain, and stimulate!

Dances in the Playhouse w/Erik (13 & up) – Erik Weberg

All are welcome who want to enjoy English and American dances in a low-stress environment. We'll teach what is needed to have a great time with a selection of accessible dances.


Nature Walk (All ages, under 10 w/parent) – Leslie Jeanne Devine Milbourne

Wander and wonder, as we explore the natural areas of camp from the river to the woods. We will have serendipitous strolls, look for critters under logs in the woods and under rocks in the river, discover the variety of trees around camp, and play nature games.

Camper Led Activities (All ages)

Interested in leading a session or two? Is there something you enjoy that you'd like to share? Now's the time! Camper led activities can be led by anyone with a plan.


Calder's Delight (All ages, under 8 w/parent) – Leslie Sudock, DeLaura Padovan

Using the wonderful work of American artist Alexander Calder (1898-1976) as our inspiration, we’ll explore balancing forms and make art that dances in air. We’ll have the chance to try something new every day, painting with shapes, drawing with wire, and building kinetic mobiles and stabiles using simple, local and recycled materials. Projects will be suitable for campers of all ages, for those who want to drop by for a single visit and for those who enjoy extended time in the art studio. Campers will also have the chance to participate in an all-camp installation project. Start saving colorful plastic lids and cardboard, buttons, beads, and wire, and be ready to join the balancing act!

Couple Dancing (12 & up, 9-11 w/parent) – Ellie Grace

With a playful and community-minded approach, this class will explore the joy of couple dancing. We will focus on the Lindy Hop with a dash of Two Step and Waltz thrown into the mix. In addition to learning the beautiful form and energetic footwork of these styles, we will also play with the partnering skills and non-verbal communication that are essential to enjoyable social dancing. No partner required, but come prepared to learn to both lead and follow!

Optional Kids class (6 & up) – Imogen Mills

Come one, come all, come short, come tall! Kid-oriented songs, games, and dances.


Border Morris (13 & up) – Adina Gordon

Morris dancing! Hankies and capering, right? No!! Border is all about hitting things with sticks and yelling a lot. Sometimes we throw sticks too. What’s not to love?

Singing with Kelly & Ellie (10 & up) – Ellie Grace, Kelly Bosworth

Join with your community to learn a unique repertoire of folk, old country, and Americana songs in two, three, and four-part harmony. We will focus on healthy singing technique, musical style, basic concepts of harmonizing, and working as a unified whole. Most of all, we will sing! Strengthen your own voice through group singing in a supportive and joyful environment. If you need a reminder of the good in this world, there is nothing better than raising your voice in song with other kind humans.

Community Band (10 & up) – Chris Ousley, Jess Eliot Myhre

Bring your instruments! Under the expert guidance of Jess and Chris we will meld our talents and enthusiasm and create wonderful dance music together.

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