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Playtime for Little Campers (2-3) – Bettie Zakon-Anderson

This gentle playtime with Bettie will keep our youngest campers busy and happy!

Music and Dance (4-5) – Mary Alice Amidon

Come and learn singing games, movement songs, and play instruments with Mary Alice!

Ogontz Adventures (6-7) – Erika Roderick

Let's Go Adventuring! Erika will lead a week full of adventure at Ogontz! Get excited for fun games, silly songs, and exploration of Ogontz Camp's hidden secrets...

Longsword (8-9) – Lily Leahy

Music by: Natty Smith Come learn this exciting dance form from the north of England where campers will dance linked by wooden swords and learn how to make a star. We will get a chance to perform our dance in the Mummers Play at the end of the week!

Morris Dance (10-12) – Luzy Huzzard

Get ready to leap! Morris is a high energy dance form from the beautiful Cotswolds of England. Did you know that in 1599, one of Shakespeare's actors, named William Kempe, morris danced all the way from London to Norwich (that's about 178 km). He called it his 'Nine Daies Wonder', although it really took about 23 days! Expect clashing sticks and flying hankies.

English Country Dance (13 & up) – Joanna Riener

Music by: Karen Axelrod, Naomi Morse We all come to the world of ECD for different reasons, and the vast and growing repertoire of English dances rises up to meet us. This class will explore the variety of ECD, using great dances and fabulous music to both increase your skill level and start your morning off right.

One-Shot Potpourri couple dances and more! (13 & up) – Steve Zakon-Anderson

Music by: Keith Murphy, Becky Tracey, Owen Morrison A time to learn and to dance a variety of couple dances that are, might be, or used to be, danced at contra and English dance evenings, with an emphasis on good partnering, leading and following skills. Dances will include waltz, schottische, zwiefacher, polka, Salty Dog, and possibly more. All to beautiful live music....what a way to start the day!


Stories and Games for Little Campers (2-3) – Erika Roderick

Ogontz's littlest campers will gather with Erika for some singing, dancing and playing together!

Exploring Ogontz (4-5) – Bettie Zakon Anderson

Through play, music, and explorations, Bettie will introduce the wonders of Ogontz to these lucky campers!

Stories From All Over (6-7) – Mary Alice Amidon

Mary Alice will tell traditional folk tales. We will retell the stories, act them out, and add our own music. We will create original stories and play story games! Jack Tales, trolls, giants and kings await!

Music and Dance (8-9) – Peter Amidon

Each class will start with a traditional folktale followed by lots of dancing and singing!

Social Dance (10-12) – Joanna Reiner

Music by: Karen Axelrod From elegant to energetic, English dances come in all shapes and forms. We’ll explore that variety and answer the question, ‘What makes a dance fun?’ as we learn new dances, and write a few of our own.

American Dance (13 & up) – Steve Zakon-Anderson

Music by: Keith Murphy, Becky Tracey Old favorites mixed with contemporary classics, new-fangled choreography, and a few dance tips snuck in for good measure, all to the most danceable music you can find anywhere.

Rapper (13 & up) – Luzy Huzzard

Music by: Naomi Morse All the way from the Coal fields of North East England, comes rapper sword dancing. It's a bit of a mystery what 'rappers' were used for down the mines, but it's thought they were used to scrape coal dust from the pit ponies who would live and work underground all year except for 2 weeks holiday when they could come up for sunshine! A fast, fun, team dance with bendy swords and crisp stepping, possibly one of England's most impressive traditional dances!


Community Art for all ages (8 & up, 7 & younger w/parent) – Bettie Zakon Anderson

Come spend a relaxing time together while making a variety of projects using fibers, papers, and more.

Song Circle on the porch (All ages, under 8 w/parent) – Keith Murphy

Join Keith on the porch after lunch to share songs and learn new ones.

English Clog (All ages, under 10 w/parent) – Luzy Huzzard

Music by: Naomi Morse Developed by northern factory workers during the Industrial Revolution, English clog dance is a complex and charming dance form. The story goes that mill workers wore clogs on their feet to protect them from dangerous debris on the factory floor. They found that they also make a rather good sound and developed this unique dance form whilst dancing along to the rhythm of the machinery. Perfect for those who like to make some noise!


Teen Class (13-19) – Erika Roderick, Natty Smith, guest dance teachers!

Music by: Karen Axelrod Erika and Natty are excited to lead the teenagers in a week of exciting music, dance, and fun! They will bring some songs, dances, and games to start with, and will build the week's program from there around the class's interests. You can look forward to some visits from other staff members as well...

Family Band (8 & up, younger if passionate w/parent) – Owen Morrison

Owen will get us ready to play for the Community Dance each night. All abilities and instruments welcome! Get ready - you have a gig Sunday night!

Mummers Play (8-12, 20 & up) – Paddy Swanson

The artistic director of Revels will lead us in the creation of another spectacular mummers play. Join the troupe and play your part!


Musicians Jam Time at the green chairs (8 & up) – Becky Tracey

Join Becky at the green chairs for a pickup jam session where musicians can get a chance to learn and share tunes. All abilities welcome!

Games with Fynn! (All ages, under 8 w/parent) – Fynn Crooks

Join Fynn for her famous hilarious group games on the soccer field (in Ogontz Hall if wet).

Harmony Singing (10 & up) – Peter Amidon

Peter will lead campers in sublime to rafter shaking harmony singing with choral arrangements of Anglo/American, and African American folk songs, spirituals, and songs written by people steeped in traditional music. Participants will be singing from written music as well as learning songs and harmonies by ear.

Teachers Training Course (Pre-registration) – Kari Smith


Stories at the Green Chairs – Peter Amidon

Every day Peter will tell a mix of folktales, true tales, poetry, poems set to music, ballads, and Snippets of Uncategorizable Litterature.

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