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The Best of Both Worlds: American and English Dances – Carol Ormand

Music by: Kate Barnes, Dave Langford, Bill Tomczak Start your day with a delightful blend of dances from both sides of the "pond." Explore the connections and the distinctions between contras, English country dances, and squares as you revel in the gorgeous music of the Latter Day Lizards.

Poetry Playroom – Deborah Clark Colón

Have you always wanted to write a sonnet, but can't tell an iamb from an "I ain't"? What's so free about free verse? You may never know, but you can still go home with a poem in your pocket every day. We'll explore some accessible poetic forms and try something new each class. We'll play with words, toss them up in the air and see what sticks to the ceiling. Rhyme and rhythm welcome but optional.

Playing Rhythm for Contras – Karl Clark Colón, Eric Schedler

This class is open to all instrumentalists, with special emphasis on technique for guitar and piano players. We will explore the basics of harmonic structure as it applies to traditional tunes, and use that knowledge to anticipate and hear chords that fit a tune. We will also learn a handful of useful bass lines to connect common chord progressions. We will work on hearing the pulse of a tune, identifying the meter, and work on refining our chording stroke to create lift for the dancers and melody players. Piano players, please bring your keyboard if you can.

Outdoor activities (Technical tree climbing, Snorkeling, Horseback riding, Kayaking)


Contra & Square Jambalaya – Carol Ormand

Music by: Deborah Clark Colón, Karl Clark Colón, Sam Bartlett Feed your feet with a spicy mix of contras and squares, from the charming chestnuts of yore to the beckoning beckets, dazzling duples, tantalizing triplets, and sizzling squares of today. Changeling and Sam will cook up some mouth-watering music!

ECD: Moving Musically – Dan Blim

Music by: Eric Schedler, Earl Gaddis, Kate Barnes One of the great, distinct pleasures of ECD is the pairing of tunes and dances. In this class, we'll perk up our ears a bit as we pick up our feet, learn how the tunes are constructed, and think about how the music can tell us ways to move expressively as part of the dance.

Song Circle – Jeanne Morrill

An opportunity to just come and sing! Jeanne will bring the words to a bunch of songs to teach by ear (no music reading skills necessary) and if anyone wants to share a song themselves, that’s great. Emphasis on fun!

Outdoor activities (Technical tree climbing, Snorkeling, Horseback riding, Kayaking)


Gathering – Sam Bartlett

Every day Sam will lead an all-camp gathering. Drawing from staff and campers alike, there will be participatory merriment of all stripes, from singing, to improvisation games, to story-telling, and musical performances.


ECD: Eye Candy – Dan Blim

Music by: Eric Schedler, Earl Gaddis, Bill Tomczak Partners and neighbors. Lines and sidelines. ECD offers a number of ways to interact and communicate with other dancers through eye contact. We'll explore a wide range of dances that offer opportunities to interact socially on the dance floor, paying close attention to how we pay attention.

Irish Sets – Steve Pike

Music by: Deborah Clark Colón, Karl Clark Colón Enter a state of bliss with this Irish dance form that blends the best of high-energy square dancing with the best of couples dancing. Although these dances are not traditionally called, Steve will teach and call some favorites for your enjoyment, and Changeling's exhilarating music will sweep you into the fray. Come find out why Irish sets are a perennial dance camp favorite!

Tune Session – Dave Langford

Learn new tunes, play through some old ones, explore creating musical arrangements. The emphasis will be on learning and playing by ear, but the session will be flexible for whatever the group would like to get out of it. Learn both harmony and melodies on any instrument and perhaps a dash of music theory as well!


Make a Move (Contras and Squares) – Steve Pike

Music by: Kate Barnes, Dave Langford, Bill Tomczak What makes some circles energizing, while others are uninspired? Each day, we'll focus on how to make the most of a figure or two -- e.g. heys, contra corners, circles -- and the transitions between them, in a variety of formations. There will be enough twists to keep it fun and interesting for all.

Draw a Cranky – Sam Bartlett

Sam will lead a class in making a Cranky Show. A Cranky Show is a moving visual story, illustrated on a long piece of paper, and then cranked by hand between two spindles to reveal a story in motion for an audience. No drawing talent required!

Vocal Technique – Jeanne Morrill

Wow, that sounds so imposing! How about just come and have some fun singing songs, and in the process you'll learn a little about how your voice works and get some new tools to help improve your sound and confidence! We will look at things like breathing, body alignment, tone quality, projection, motivation and more. For ALL singers of any level or orientation.


Camper-led classes and activities


Evening Dance Party

Carol, Dan, and Steve will delight you with a lovely mix of English and American dances, and Irish sets as well. The musicians -- the Latter Day Lizards, Changeling, Sam Bartlett, Earl Gaddis, Eric Schedler, and Jeanne Morrill -- will conjure glorious melodies, rich harmonies and lively improvisations to send us into dance ecstasy.

Evening Spice Activities (each available one night):

  • Card Making (available all week)
  • Gourmet Cooking
  • Evening Technical Tree Climbing
  • Creative Birdfeeders
  • International Textile Exhibit
  • Home Made Fortune Cookies
  • Camper-Led Activities (other than music and dance)
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