Each year the Nominating Committee nominates one or more candidates for each position becoming vacant among the Officers and Governing Board Members at large, taking into account needed Board skills, geographic diversity, and a balance of interests and backgrounds. This year we are nominating the slate listed below. As there are no more candidates than vacancies, the nominees are deemed elected and begin their service at the annual Board meeting in April 2019.

Per the change approved to the CDSS Bylaws in March 2014, members of the Society may ensure that a specific person is included in the slate proposed by the Nominating Committee for the following year by submitting a nomination in writing, signed by ten members of CDSS, and sent to the Secretary by June 30. Written assent must be obtained from each nominee as well as a brief description of his or her qualifications. The nominee must be a member of CDSS. It should be noted that inclusion in the slate does not guarantee a nomination to the Board. If there are more candidates in the slate than vacancies, the Secretary will send to every member by January 15, a written ballot containing the names of the candidates and pertinent positions, together with information about the candidates’ qualifications. The membership would vote and the successful candidates would be determined as outlined in article 7.2 Election of the CDSS By-laws.

Please find below biographical information about the nominees. 


The CDSS Nominating Committee
Pam Paulson (Chair) Waukesha, WI
Lisa Greenleaf, Bolton, MA
Beverly Francis, Columbus, OH
Sharon Green, Oakland, CA
Katy Heine, Ithaca, NY
Meredith Doster, Weaverville, NC


Nominations for Officers and Governing Board Members at large

Board Treasurer (3-year term)

Joel Bluestein (incumbent) (Arlington, VA) has been involved in traditional music and dance for pretty much his whole life. His father was a folk musician and scholar so Joel’s exposure started at birth. He later performed in a folk group with his father and three siblings. He first attended Pinewoods as a teenager when his father was on staff in the early 1970s. He later attended as an adult in the 1980’s and as a Family Week parent in the 1990’s. He and his family have been part of the Buffalo Gap/Timber Ridge community for the last 15 years and he and his wife Michal Warshow were Program Directors for the camp for three years. He has also been lead sound technician for Timber Ridge for many years. He currently serves as an at-large member of the CDSS Finance Committee and Funding Development Committee.

Joel has been an active member of the Washington, DC area dance community since 1979, dancing and playing for dances. He served on the Board of the Folklore Society of Greater Washington for 8 years including as President and Treasurer. He was a co-founder of the Chesapeake Dance Weekend, now in its 36th year. He serves as sound technician for dances and festivals in the DC area.

Joel recently retired from a career in energy and environmental consulting. Most recently he was a Senior Vice President of a large consulting firm where he developed skills in strategic planning, budgeting, and financial analysis.

Members at large (3-year terms)

Nancy Barbour (incumbent) (Monmouth Junction, NJ) currently lives in central NJ and is active in the local Princeton dance community. She first discovered the joy of folk dancing while living in Australia 25 years ago, and dance and music have been a focal point of her life ever since. She currently dances molly and rapper with Handsome Molly and Griggstown Lock, respectively, and has formerly danced Cotswold Morris, Northwest Morris, and rapper with 4 prior teams. Through the years she has danced with numerous social and performance dance groups in a variety of traditions ranging from Balkan to Scottish to contra, and has served the community through leadership of ritual teams, organizing family dances, and hosting sings. Her favorite week of the year is Ogontz family camp, which she and her family have attended for many years. Nancy and her husband have raised their children in the dance community and value the warm and caring environment that has nurtured and supported them.

Professionally, Nancy leads a research and development group, and brings to the board her experience in leading a portfolio of projects, managing a budget, and developing strategy and staff. 

Karl Colon (Yellow Springs, OH) is the Executive Director of the Award Winning Greene County Public Library, and a former Ohio Assistant Attorney General. Karl’s work has included organizational management and governance, contracting and legal compliance, fundraising, outreach, and program development. A former Chair of the Ohio Public Library Information Network and longtime Board Member for WYSO Public Radio, Karl is presently a member of the Ohio Library Council’s Government Relations Committee, a Board Member of Greene, Inc. (http://www.greeneinc.org/), and a member of the Board of Trustees of Xenia Rotary.

Karl and his wife Deborah Clark Colón are members of the bands Wild Rumpus (www.wildrumpusmusic.com) and Changeling (www.madcelts.com), and have played concerts and dances on both sides of the Atlantic for many years, including a recent turn as staff members at CDSS Music and Spice Week at Camp Cavell. Their daughters are avid dancers.

Robbin Marcus (Lithonia, GA) is a well-known caller of contras, squares and community dances. Robbin started dancing contra, English and morris in Baltimore, MD after college, and happily attended American Week at Pinewoods for the first time in 1986. As a music educator, Robbin quickly ascertained the importance of accurate traditional music and dance performance styles in the classroom – something she might not have understood were it not for CDSS. Subsequently she has been on staff for numerous CDSS weeks at Pinewoods Camp teaching both adult and kids classes (including a stint as Family Week director), and has enjoyed several recent opportunities to call contras and teach Alexander Technique at Christmas Country Dance School in Berea, KY.

Robbin teaches graduate level certification courses in Kodály Music Education, Folk Song Research/Analysis, Folk Dance, and Alexander Technique in the summer at George Mason University, where she is the Summer Kodály Program Director. She is frequently in demand as a clinician throughout the United States. At home, Robbin teaches piano and Alexander Technique lessons in Atlanta, GA. Robbin plays piano for both contras and English country dances throughout the South, and is greatly enjoying branching out as a musician in bands with her husband Dave Marcus.

David Roodman (incumbent) (Washington, DC) has 25 years of experience working for non-profit and charitable organizations, nearly all of those for 501(c)3 organizations like CDSS. His responsibilities have been light on management and heavy on analysis, discussion, and external communication. Before joining the board of CDSS in 2016, David had briefly served on the board of the International Institute for Impact Evaluation, representing the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other non-profit groups. He had also participated as a staff member in the finance committee of the board of directors of the Center for Global Development. David has written two books and many academic articles, statistical programs, and blog posts.

David, his wife, and two boys are regulars at CDSS’s family and adult week at Camp Louise, and he is a proud member of the Cutting Edge sword team. David is the Good Man of Cambridge.

John Seto (incumbent) (Sacramento, CA) A reluctant acceptance to a New Year’s Eve International dance party in the Midwest almost 25 years ago, lead to a life-time avocation in the promoting of traditional dances… It was in Columbus, OH in 1991 where John began simultaneously attending Balkan kolo, English Country dancing, and American contra. He was employed then as Coordinator of Traditional and Ethnic Arts at the Ohio Arts Council. Since returning to California in 1994, John lived and danced in the Bay Area for another 5 or 6 years before returning to Sacramento, the hometown where he grew up since emigrating from China at the age of nine.

The Sacramento Country Dance Society (SCDS) will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2016, offering 2 - 3 contra dances per month as well as 13 years of a monthly English component. SCDS has also maintained its annual September “Echo Summit” weekend dance camp for over 20 years. John has served in various capacities on the SCDS board over the last 15 years. He currently serves as president, and is a member of a team that nurtured growth in both styles of dances in our regional community.

In addition, John brings to CDSS over twenty years of experience in public sector arts funding. He currently works for the California Arts Council, and has served on many national, regional and local panels that adjudicate grant applications. He hopes this background will be of assistance in funding research as CDSS becomes stronger as a national service organization that preserves and promotes English country, American contra and related demonstration dance forms.

Diane Silver (Asheville, NC) is an environmental educator with 20+ years providing environmental outreach and action-taking in the non-profit arena. From work with zoos, residential program centers, the NC Extension Service, and charter schools, she brings extensive experience in program development and management, teaching, team-building, staff supervision and evaluation, budget management, grant writing, and logistics. She also has significant training in conflict resolution and positive communication. She has over 15 years’ experience serving on other boards-of-directors for educational, environmental, and dance organizations, including terms as President.

Diane has been a contra dancer, flatfoot-clogger, caller, teacher, and developing fiddle-player for over 20 years. She has served in many roles in her local dance and music community: booking performers, serving on the board, helping produce the annual dance weekend, and serving on various task forces and committees. She continues to be drawn by the sense of community within and among local dance groups, and the generally welcoming culture of home-grown music and dance. She sees in the dance community the opportunity to discuss, practice, and model the ideals she holds for larger society, facilitating joy and neighborliness from the grass-roots, up.

Darlene Underwood (Cincinnati, OH) began contra dancing in 1986. The immediate region around southwest Ohio, including Lexington, Louisville, Indianapolis, Bloomington and Columbus, became as much her home as Cincinnati. Soon, she travelled further afield in pursuit of her great new passion. In 1997 she began calling and continues today. She is currently on the board of Cincinnati Contra Dancers, and serves as co-facilitator. She has been a member of CDSS for a number of years. 

Darlene is the mother of 15 year old twins. The family has attended, almost without interruption, Timber Ridge Family Dance Week and Sugar Hill (Bloomington) since the children were 3. Excepting the year they were infants, Darlene has hosted the late-night after party for the Pigtown Fling Contra Weekend in Cincinnati.

In the summer of 2018, Darlene retired from the company she owned and managed for 30 years. She belongs to the Women's President Organization and is involved with Women Writing for a Change.

Juliette Webb (Nashville, TN) started dancing in California after seeing a performance by a demonstration team at the local Scottish Highland Gathering and Games. She and her husband, John Webb, moved away less than a year later. In Tennessee, she enrolled in a class on English Country Dancing. Seeing the age range of the dancers there made her realize that dancing was an activity that she and her husband could enjoy together throughout their entire lifetimes.

Juliette’s home dance community runs weekly English country dance classes, monthly English dances, and weekly contra dances. The Nashville Country Dancers also hold both an English country dance weekend, the Nashville Playford Ball, and a contra dance weekend, Music City Masquerade, each year, in addition to hosting special dance events when visiting musicians or callers come to town. She feels lucky to have such an amazing, supportive dance community and leadership at home.

Juliette is also fortunate to enjoy dancing regularly in the San Francisco Bay area. Juliette began calling English as a way of helping to ensure that her home dance community would continue.

Juliette’s earliest memory of dancing is of a Maypole, in a place where May Day baskets of flowers were still left for friends and neighbors. After an early childhood filled with the typical ballet classes, she didn’t dance again for decades, not even in gym class in school. Now, she dances as often as she can.


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The following Officers and Members at large also will serve in 2019:


Gaye Fifer, President (Pittsburgh, PA)
Dorcas Hand, Vice President (Houston, TX)
Brooke Friendly, Secretary (Ashland, OR)

Members at large:

Peter Baker (Ann Arbor, MI)
Beverly Francis (Columbus, OH)
Nikki Herbst (Iowa City, IA)
Donald Hughes (Rougemont, NC)
Jolaine Jones-Pokorney (Gainesville, FL)
Susie Lorand (Ann Arbor, MI)
Avia Moore (Toronto, ONT)
Pam Paulson (Waukesha, WI)
Doug Plummer (Seattle, WA)
David Shewmaker (Washington, DC)
Chris Weiler (South Burlington, VT)

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