David Kaynor Scrapbook

Musicians playing Flying Home to Shelley

Here is a video clip from June 2015 at Fiddle Tunes: David and Paul Gitlitz playing "Flying Home to Shelley."

Tom and David

Tom Morley and David KaynorDavid & Tom Morley at John C. Campbell Folk School, March 2018I wanted to share this photo, my memory of the last time David and I got to play together. It was March 2018 and David was teaching a week of classes at the John C. Campbell Folk School. I drove in from Chattanooga to give a guest presentation and David and I got together several times and played tunes together.

Elaine and David

Elaine Gernux 2Coming full circle ... Fiddle Orchestra of Western MA, fall of 2017Growing up in Wilbraham, I was fortunate to have Kaynors in my circle of friends...specifically Cindy and Carol. Although we shared Choralyres, theater, and swim team during our years at Minnechaug, I never knew David directly because he was out of high school before we got there ('68-'73).

David was a presence felt nonetheless!

The Fourgones around 1978

I was so astonished to discover at the Kaynor Thanksgiving (I think it was 1975) that up there (living at my brother, Chapin's house) in Burlington VT you, cousin David, had begun playing fiddle and were playing the same “contra” repertoire that Van and I had been playing down in the Connecticut River Valley!

Davidsmarsch sheet music

Thank so much for being part of my company of Musical Mentors and friends. Special memories of Ashokan, Brasstown, and a very special Memorial Day parade in Montague.

L to R: Steven Trampe, Bob McQuillen, David Kaynor

Here's David with Bob McQuillen and me at a FiddleRama gig at Northwest Folklife Festival.

Belfast Flying Shoes

My appreciation of David Kaynor is deep and broad. Here are a few memories and some observations.

Jamming at Fiddle Hell

It is always a pleasure being in David's company. I have sat in on many jams trying to keep up and he is always so welcoming.

Jamming at Fiddle Hell

At 12:55am on November 9, 2019, in the room below the stairs at the Westford Regency Hotel I spotted David and friends playing such wonderful music. With his permission I videoed this. It was a magical 45 minutes in the wee hours of the morning.

As a part time student at Springfield College in 1970, I had nowhere to go at Thanksgiving. The Kaynor Clan took me under their wings and I attended their major family gathering (at the Willows? Restaurant). I think that is where, in the midst of all the singing, I saw where David absorbed his sense of harmony. If you listen carefully to his work, barbershop harmony is never far off!

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