Norm StewartNorm Stewart (Louisville, KY), spent his childhood in his mama's boarding house where he was raised with country music. Not surprisingly, he was swept up in the great "folk music scare" of the 60's and has been a fan of traditional / acoustic music ever since. He was first exposed to community dancing at a New Year's Eve dance at Ashokan in 1982.

He didn't really catch the dancing bug until the early 90's when he first went to the original Old Farmer's Ball in Asheville. After getting hooked, Norm's vocational choices took him to San Francisco, Monterey, Vancouver (BC), Louisville and Greenville (SC). He has been an active dancer in all of those communities.

A dozen Winter Dance Weeks in Brasstown, and summer weeks at Buffalo Gap, Augusta and Pinewoods have expanded his music and dance horizons to include English, contra, squares and community singing.

After 25 years of dancing, he remains committed to his local community dances. He works on local dance weekends and has chaired Louisville's Fleur de Lis Fling for the past two years.

Norm has served on several condo, church and dance community boards over the years. A big fan of storytelling, he has attended and worked on the National Storytelling Festival for a number of years. He hopes to help build bridges between CDSS and the storytelling community.

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