John SetoJohn Seto (Sacramento, CA) A reluctant acceptance to a New Year’s Eve International dance party in the Midwest almost 25 years ago, lead to a life-time avocation in the promoting of traditional dances… It was in Columbus, OH in 1991 where John began simultaneously attending Balkan kolo, English Country dancing, and American contra. He was employed then as Coordinator of Traditional and Ethnic Arts at the Ohio Arts Council. Since returning to California in 1994, John lived and danced in the Bay Area for another 5 or 6 years before returning to Sacramento, the hometown where he grew up since emigrating from China at the age of nine.

The Sacramento Country Dance Society (SCDS) will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2016, offering 2 - 3 contra dances per month as well as 13 years of a monthly English component. SCDS has also maintained its annual September “Echo Summit” weekend dance camp for over 20 years. John has served in various capacities on the SCDS board over the last 15 years. He currently serves as president, and is a member of a team that nurtured growth in both styles of dances in our regional community.

In addition, John brings to CDSS over twenty years of experience in public sector arts funding. He currently works for the California Arts Council, and has served on many national, regional and local panels that adjudicate grant applications. He hopes this background will be of assistance in funding research as CDSS becomes stronger as a national service organization that preserves and promotes English country, American contra and related demonstration dance forms.

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