David RoodmanDavid Roodman (Washington, DC) has never run a camp, nor organized a dance, nor written a tune. On a board of dance leaders, he is a dance follower. (But it takes two kinds to tango.) David started showing up with his family at Pinewoods in 1976, with his mom at Morris practice in 1986, and by himself at sword practice in 2006. In 1990, he washed dishes for a summer on Pinewoods camp crew. In 2009, he won Best New Entrant at the Morris jig competition at Sidmouth Folkweek, and would have won Best Over 40 had the judges believed he was over 40. These days he, his wife, and two boys are regulars at CDSS’s Timber Ridge family week, and he is a proud member of the Cutting Edge sword team.

David supports his dance habit by practicing economics without a license, serving as a senior advisor to a young San Francisco–based charity, the Open Philanthropy Project. He has written two books and many academic articles, statistical programs, and blog posts.

For David, dancing English is like singing in a chorus, using one’s body to breathe life into a tune in concert with others. David is the Good Man of Cambridge.

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