donald hughesDonald Hughes (Rougemont, NC) (2-year, completing a 3-year term) a long term resident of the Triangle Region of North Carolina, started contra dancing in the mid 80’s. He was introduced to CDSS through English and American Week at Buffalo Gap. Going to camp was a delightful and new experience. Soon he wanted to help out. Being a builder and carpenter, he could make a direct contribution to the camp with construction work. At that point Donald was beginning to realize the power of the work CDSS was doing, bringing people into the fold over the course of their lifetimes, providing a continuity and growth and learning. This was especially notable with the young, seeing children grow up, form attachments, acquire consciousness and grace. Donald has been highly involved in his local contra and English dance organizations, serving in many capacities and on the boards. His work has included being treasurer, facilities management and development, web design, financial systems planning, reworking of articles of incorporation and bylaws, event planning and implementation, nominations, and being a local CDSS scholarship liaison. Teaming with his wife Gail, he developed and put together the Southeast Dance Leadership Conference in 2010, co-sponsored by CDSS and the local groups. Donald’s professional career has included construction, design, teaching, community organizing, non-profit development, photography, and film production. Donald and Gail live in an energy-efficient house he built, designed for dancing at home.

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