Dorcas HandDorcas Hand (Houston, TX) started dancing in 1973 in South Amherst with Dudley Laufman. A huge Canterbury Country Orchestra, including a friend on French horn, played at her first contra, convincing her to keep dancing! After a few years of New England contra and graduate school, she ended up in Houston and with Barry Cooper began recruiting Texas fans of contra – she called and he played fiddle. It was a slow road, but they got the group interested enough to continue. She was on the founding Board of HATDS (Houston Area Traditional Dance Society), and has served several times since. She is even a footnote in the CDSS News a few years ago on Dudley’s influence across the country. She also started – with Dorolyn Smith – the Yellow Rose Morris circa 1980, when the Men of Houston wouldn’t let the women join them, and later joined Shambles Morris as a mixed side. After 2000, she returned to calling more frequently when her two boys were old enough not to require supervision during dances. By day, she is a school librarian with experience in leadership in local, state, and national library associations. Dance has always provided balance in her life.

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