Mark GalipeauMark Galipeau (Rohnert Park, CA) is a child of Modern Western Square Dancers. He spent most of his youth in drafty auditorium foyers listening to the greatest hits of the 1960’s MWSD world. He veered away from this close brush with dance until his 30’s, when he was enticed by a co-worker to take a community college international folk dance class. Upon seeing the White Rats Experimental Morris in San Francisco, he was instantaneously captivated. Eventually joined his first side, Apple Tree Morris in Sebastopol, CA, (with occasional lapses to the Border with the dark side, where he bells up with The Rats). Apple Tree friends lured him into Contra, (and later English) but it wasn’t until 2004 when Kalia Kliban took him to the inaugural dance of Queer Contra in San Francisco, that he found his true love. Ten years later he is still in love with the man he met at that first dance.

Now a member of the Queer Contra Board and chair of the Queer Contra Dance Camp weekend, he is very excited by the gender neutral role swapping turn in some contra dance communities. He created the “I Dance Both Roles” buttons to start conversations about gender on the dance floor. He and his partner Tom Bowers live in Sonoma County, California where they dance on Leap of Faith Longsword. He works as a public school teacher currently on assignment in third grade.

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