Brooke FriendlyBrooke Friendly (Ashland, OR) is a community oriented dance teacher and organizer whose specialties include dance choreography and calling with global terminology. She co-leads a weekly English and Scottish dance, calls contra and family dances, and teaches country dance in a variety of settings: college academic credit, older adults, and K-12 students. Brooke has been on staff at events throughout North America and was program director for Bay Area Country Dance Society English Week. She, and her husband, Chris Sackett, have published four books of dances (Impropriety Vols. 1-4) and produced four CDs with the band Roguery. More info at or

Back in the day, Brooke was on a Morris team. She does rapper and longsword at camps (and dreams of starting a longsword team). Dance isn’t quite her whole life—you might also find her hiking, doing yoga, or in the garden. Brooke loves to sing, especially rounds. Most recently Director of Ashland Center for Theatre Studies at Southern Oregon University Theatre Department, she is happy to be “retired.”

A founding member (1981) of The Heather and the Rose Country Dancers, a statewide organization of English and Scottish dance in Oregon, Brooke also served on the CDSS Governing Board as an at large member (2001-2007). She is delighted to be back in a new role.

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