David MillstoneDavid Millstone (Lebanon, NH) spent junior and senior high school admiring others who knew how to move on the dance floor, venturing out only for the occasional "slow dance." Shortly after he moved to New Hampshire in 1972, friends dragged him to a Dudley Laufman dance one snowy night and his life changed. Playing guitar and hammered dulcimer in an all-purpose folkie band, he was asked to call for dancing at parties, starting his 35+ years as a dance caller. He resisted English country dancing for years—"What? No partner swing?"—but that changed in 1987 when he went to Pinewoods for English and American Week. In the company of supportive dancers there, he came to appreciate the joy of ECD, which he has been leading for the past twenty years. He calls at festivals and camps across North America and has led dances in Europe (seven countries so far) with many visits to Denmark and the Czech Republic. He also enjoys family dances, weddings, and similar events.

He has produced four video documentaries about the contra dance world and is currently coordinating a major effort to tell the story of American square dance through moving images in an online digital library. Away from the dance floor, he was an elementary school teacher for thirty years, during which he published an intensive study of his experiences teaching Homer's Odyssey to his fifth graders. Discouraged by micro-managing school boards and administrators, he was delighted to join the CDSS Board (2002–2008) with its focus on the big picture. He is excited about working with the Board again as we approach the CDSS centennial in 2015.

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